Meet Katie! What a hot chick! Here are some words about her experiences modeling and how she liked working with us here at WINK Pinup!

“I’ve always wanted to model just never found the right way to get started. I began modeling with Candy Bphotography, and my first shoot was for her 2012 calendar, followed by a few more. After that I did a pinup shoot with Untamed Photography.

“I enjoy every shoot I did with both photographers. I responded to the WINK Pinup vixen model because I love new modeling experiences and being able to work with other photographers and work with their ideas. Working with Alison was awesome! She’s so easy going and I admire her work and attitude towards modeling and photography.

“I take care of my mother and little brother. I also love spending time with my sister and my niece and nephew. I’m engaged and getting married this August. I’m truly blessed to have such a loving and supportive man in my life!

Birthday-January 12
Height- 5’8
Eye color- hazel
Fave color- pink, lime green and black. “

Thanks girl!! We had a blast on this shoot– first of all, it was FREEEEEZZING out. Second, it was incredibly windy… We tried to shoot on a bridge but we almost lost the hat. We decided to check out Steel Stacks and was lucky enough to find this cool backdrop! Yay Bethlehem! We were going for a “Devil’s Rejects” kind of vibe. What do you think??

-Hair, makeup wardrobe and photos by Alison Leigh for WINK Pinup and Hair by ESKANDALO!

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One Response to Centerfold!

  1. Rick says:

    Ummmmm Katie 😉 I’m telling mom

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