Don’t have a HISSY FIT~

It’s the Lehigh Valley Roller Derby Girls!

Here is a small sampling of the Derby Girls right here in the LV. They are called the Hissy Fits. They have regular bouts, they practice every week and go to events and hang out, passing out flyers on their skates and stuff. Next time you see one, say Hi! They’re real nice. Be careful though, they might throw you a knuckle sandwich– Click here for a full listing of their 2012 schedule!

This just in!! Read this article about their recent WIN!

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6 Responses to Don’t have a HISSY FIT~

  1. love these! hussy and the last one of parker are my favorites, I think.

  2. Hussy says:

    They are all amazing! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  3. Helen Darink says:

    I like that Happy’s one photo looks like a photo reel.

  4. Torte says:

    Beautiful photos!! You ladies look fabulous 😀

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  6. Dee Nailer says:

    Awesome photos ladies!!

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