Editor’s Letter

Well here we are- third issue!!

drawing by Matt Sullivan

drawing of moi by Matt Sullivan

You might find this particular installment a bit racier than usual. Why? Because WINK has a reputation of being a little too cutesy. This is 2012 and it’s a year of massive changes in everything we hold near and dear. It’s a time of sexual revolution, we are divided politically 3 ways in a much more noticeable fashion than usual, and the weather is completely nutso!!

We as a country seem to feel like sex is something only to be shared with a person you are going to marry. That is unrealistic. We are told a woman who dresses in a more daring way is a *insert female derogatory slur here* and is asking to be assaulted. We believe that we should constantly be living in fear of every single goddamned thing we see on the internet, (unless it requires we give up our favorite diet soda, then it’s all like “nevermind!”) and then we turn around and feed our children pounds and pounds of sugar and yell at them for being hyper. We plop them in front of the TV and sit on facebook all day, we stop having sex with our long term partners, and we judge the living hell out of everyone around us. Nice… I’ve seen episodes of Spartacus that were less angry than stuff I sometimes see out in public here in little ol’ “you’ve got a friend in Pennsylvania” town..

I wish more people would care about the stuff that matters and leave all the silly things behind. I wish more people would watch Earthlings and face the fact that you have NO idea how badly animals are mistreated today. You don’t have to go vegan– but why not try to go up a level and support a local farm? Eat vegan a few times a week or a few meals throughout the week.

We need to curb the hatred and let go of all of the dramas we have each other. Own up if you hurt someone and they call you out! It’s liberating and makes people feel amazing! After going to the tattoo convention this year and seeing a lot of people I have known for a really really long time not even say hi or act interested when certain people tried to talk to them, I started to wonder- do any of us even like each other??

I decided to drop the act. I am putting a hot Devil’s Rejects-style photo on the cover and centerfold, publishing a fiction piece about a male chauvanistic dude to show that it’s pertinent to real life whether we like it or not, posting an article about standing up for skinny people, and showcasing a couple local girls as fashion models to show that we ALL can be awesome.

Life is pretty great and the change we are currently experiencing is rare and beautiful and we should all stop trying to be so freaking “right”! Let out your inner darkness, put on your favorite song and crank it!!!! Get crazy!!! Everyone already is talking about you behind your back anyway- might as well let loose ya know??

love, Alison Leigh

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