Modeling and Body Type


-words by Casey and Bunny

-photos by Alison Leigh for WINK Pinup

-hair and makeup by Phee and Genna Bee for ESKANDALO!

From Bunny~

“I’m an unlikely choice for a centerfold or to find on the pages of a pin up site, or am I? I am the 32 year old curvy size twelve mother of a four year old, not what most people would consider model material and yet my experience so far as a model and burlesque artist have been nothing but positive. I didn’t choose the classic art of striptease to get over my body issues and I wouldn’t recommend doing that to anyone else. I had lost connection to the creative purposefulness of my body and needed to find a way back.

“For many women, their only relationship to their body is what size it currently is and what size they feel it should be. Everyday regardless of what kind of garbage we put into them or negative messages we send them, our bodies keep going. They allow us to move, to feel, play, seduce, fight, to nurture the people we love with, sometimes with very little thanks in return. After I had my son I was not happy with my body, quickly dismissing the amazing gift it had just given me and not appreciating the hard work it was putting out everyday no matter how I thought it looked.

“Burlesque and modeling have given me the opportunity to use my body as a tool in making art. In this art I find the shape of my body an advantage. I look like someone’s wife or girlfriend; I’m more relatable and maybe more attainable. The female audience members can relate to me so I feel like I connect with people in a more personal way. If I can accomplish that, then I feel my art is successful. This is something that won’t change if I gain or lose ten pounds, so I simply don’t focus on weight in my life anymore. Letting go of some of that stuff has given me head space to appreciate other people’s bodies. I don’t look at other women with a comparative eye anymore.

“I think we need to give men a little more credit as well. Just because they like what they see in Maxim doesn’t mean that’s all they like, otherwise there would be a lot more lonely men!”

From Casey~

“In my opinion the human body is a form of art. You should embrace what God gave you and love yourself for who you are. Eating disorders and cosmetic surgery are on a rise for teens and young adults… and why is this? Because the media portrays beauty as thin. Just because you may not be a size 2 does not mean you aren’t beautiful.

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