MUSIC Picks!

I Have a House Guest

-by Alison Leigh and Mark ~Demon~ Degerolamo

Recently I found an old friend. He was in a situation that was a bit insanely awful. I said get in the car and stay in my home- immediately! Well, amongst the hilarity and chaos that has ensued, I have a few tales to tell. And one is of how I discovered he has been watching music videos while I’m signed into WINK’s youtube channel, and can be viewed by clicking the history tab on our page. HA!

We have spent many a night sitting at the table just us or with old and new friends, having beers or something and watching endless videos, laughing singing and having fun. I have now compiled a youtube playlist of a very small fraction of awesome music from these days and nights that will educate the shit out of you– and make you love music all over again. As usual, press PLAY ALL, gather your friends ’round, crack a few beverages of your choice, smoke something and enjoy… the Demon’s demonic favorite songs…

First off, we have a glorious video of Bauhaus playing live on some weird old TV show– it’s mind blowing and I would sacrifice an arm to have seen them live back then. The song Spy In the Cab is so creepy and slow and is ALL about Peter Murphy. Everyone in this performance kills it and it truly made me feel fluttery inside while I was watching it. Wowwww

Then further down we have one of the coolest GG Allin songs, and guess what- he had one of his legendary shows at a place called Wally’s that is now our own little community Maze Garden! Did ya know that? No you didn’t… Anyway the song is really good and it’s not hard or scary sounding. It’s totally not what I was expecting.

Ok then there’s Dean and the Weenies. OHMYGOD I’ve never heard or seen anything like this and it’s brilliant!!! I blame each and every one of my friends for not telling me about this song. Seriously I’m mad at all of you…

Well, I could go on and on about every single one of these videos. And trust me when I say there are HUNDREDS more saved in the history of this channel so feel free to listen to it all and live a day in the life of a true Demon hahah.. Stay tuned for next month’s issue that’s all about who the heck this guy is and why do we care and owe him a good amount of respect– yep it’s coming…

*note– the Owl City song isn’t a typo or a mistake. He loves the song. I think it has to do with Twilight maybe? Haha

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One Response to MUSIC Picks!

  1. winkpinup says:

    you did an excellent job at putting together something very informative, artistic,fasion friendly,musically,creative and more fun than michael jackson in a day care center.ha ha ,thank you also baby for including my (OUR )music picks and truely pulling me out of a hell ,that was NOT fun.i can’t wait to give you the artical and shoot this month that has been in the works for over 10 years,you are amazing and your love of all thats “WEIRD and BIZARRE,and most of all THE ROOTS AND HISTORY TO THOSE WHO PASSED THE TORCH TO THE NEXT NEW BREED OF CRAZIE DAZIE.and so on and so on,I LUV YA TO DEATH MINA, love DEE

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