Upon the hours and days and weeks we spend online and out in the world, we discover some pretty interesting things. Like Magellan and de Leon, here we bring you the riches we have since discovered, pillaged, stole, borrowed and paid for.. Let us begin–


OMG– in 1995 when I moved to Seattle as a young lass, I was introduced to the amazing weekly paper “The Stranger”. In it, one would find hilarious content, current events, Rob Brezny’s brilliant astrological forecasts and the shining creamy Santorum on top– the sex advice column Savage Love. Now, what people hate about it is its explicit subject matter, its brash advice, and the fact that Dan Savage has pissed off a good many people in the LGBT community. Some hate him for being gay, others hate him for being a brutally honest, insanely unconventional jerk face. I love him for all of those things. And Rick Santorum (please please click that link…if you can handle it) hates him real bad…

Here’s the latest installment of Savage Love. See also the live podcasts, the books he’s written, his “It gets better” project, and a slew of tv and news appearances.

Oh look it’s another CULTURESCHMUTZ! How awesome! Make sure you click PLAY ALL and watch the weirdness unfold before your very eyes….. highlights include a wonderful Peter Sellers commercial, a video by the Saints, and a fantabulously weird installment of our very own Brother J.T., trippin’ ballzzzz


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