Table of Contents

Editor’s Letter

We love PHEE!

Don’t have a HISSY FIT!

Eat a Sandwich!


Music Picks

Fiction by Joe Trinkle

REAL Talk- Living with Schizophrenia

STUFF we like!

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One Response to Table of Contents

  1. DEMON Degerolamo says:

    you did an excellent job at putting together something very informative, artistic,fasion friendly,musically,creative and more fun than michael jackson in a day care center.ha ha ,thank you also baby for including my (OUR )music picks and truely pulling me out of a hell ,that was NOT fun.i can’t wait to give you the artical and shoot this month that has been in the works for over 10 years,you are amazing and your love of all thats “WEIRD and BIZARRE,and most of all THE ROOTS AND HISTORY TO THOSE WHO PASSED THE TORCH TO THE NEXT NEW BREED OF CRAZIE DAZIE.and so on and so on,I LUV YA TO DEATH MINA, love DEE

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