We love PHEE!

Recently, Phee of Hair by ESKANDALO! has been rocking out photoshoots by using Model Mayhem. We wanted to share some of the fine work she’s been putting out, as well as some insight into her experiences with the site. This is what she had to say~

What is model mayhem?
Model mayhem is a website for models, photographers, hair dressers, and make up artists to network. I’ve met a lot of great artists and models from this website that have been great to work with.

What did you think of it when you first signed up ?

I have to say when I first signed up that I thought I was going to run into a lot of amateur photographers and models that weren’t going to be able to help me in any way, however, I gave the site a shot and found that there are a ton of very talented people in the area that I live in that are so anxious to work with other talented people as well. I’ve had nothing but great experiences from signing up for this site.

photo credits:
model- Clarissa, photographer-RAD Photographics, I did the cut and style for this
 model- Marlena, photographer-Ed Krisiak, I did the cut/color/style
 model-Dora, photographer-Lavanya Patricella, I did the cut/color/style
 model-Desiree, photographer-Alison Conklin, wardrobe-Swank Underpinnings, I styled the hair for this shoot

What was your favorite shoot that you did so far?

My favorite shoot so far I would have to say was with Rich from RAD Photographics who I met through Model Mayhem. He does really great work and is very charismatic and a joy to be around. The models I had in for that shoot were all sweethearts and we all worked so great together.

What do you see in the future with our model mayhem adventures? Any ideas for a unique exciting shoot?

I’m doing a few shoots here and there right now, but I have a ton of ideas that I need some warmer weather for. I’m very into the very soft and bohemian style right now. In the past I’ve done a lot of very bold things with hair so I think this summer you’ll see more gracious and flowing hair and photos. Bold is just in my nature though, I’m always thinking bigger and better.

What are your favorite styling products right now?

I think my number one favorite styling product is Whipped Cream from Sebastian. It really gets the ends smooth and makes the hair very workable.

What kind of extensions do you do?

I’ve been doing fusion and microlink extensions for about 5 years now. They’re great for adding length or bulk to your hair and last for 3 to 4 months.

Thanks Phee! We look forward to your upcoming shoots! Want to make an appointment with her? Call ESKANDALO! at 610 625 9100! And click here to check out her Model Mayhem portfolio!

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