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2 Responses to AUGUST Issue!

  1. Alison Lance says:

    I have been seeing more & more of your work work recently. You also pop-up on my fb as a ‘friend’ I might know-but did not recognize you until today I saw you on Steel Stacks Live. I finally put it all together!
    I love your work & I think the pin-up stuff is so amazingly cool. When you were talking about how you choose models & made me think of one of my friends, Stephanie Mo-Davis. She & her hubby, Chris are the Yoga-Mõs…maybe you even know them. When you said ‘own’ a room-THAT IS STEPHANIE! So beautiful inside & out with that innocent tree hugger/granola chic! I worked with her at the Apollo Grill…she has survived Lupus-Chris donated a kidney so she could receive one. She has had some other not so life threatening health issues, but keeps soldering on with such a positive attitude. She is always so giving & loving no matter who or what. Truly a one of a kind angel.
    When you are on the hunt for your next or new model, you should check her out. I think it would be really cool to see her all decked out in a pin-up!
    In the mean time, looking forward to seeing more from you & WINK!

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