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MODEL: Rachael

Location: Catty Woods

Hair and makeup by Rachael

Wardrobe styling by Alison Leigh and Mandy

Photo direction by Mandy

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Rachael has been dating well-known LV rider “Abe”, whose bike is featured in the photos, for 5 years and we could NOT be happier with her attitude and not to mention her pics! She has this to say about BMX in the Valley:

BMX is Abe’s life – if he’s not hanging with me or out of town, he’s down at the woods. Being that it’s a large part of his life, it’s naturally going to be a large part of mine as well. The BMX scene is really like a family, we all gather together for jams , the women of the woods have girl’s nights out and organize fundraising events to help support catty woods. It’s a really special group of people to be friends with and I wouldn’t have it any other way. But in simpler words, Abe would just say,”It’s  basically a bunch of sweet dudes riding their bikes in the woods.”

She brought her friend Mandy with her on the shoot, who turned out to be a huge help and a sweetheart to boot! All in all, we had a great, quick shoot and only managed to get like 700 mosquito bites while we were there 😉 Thanks to the riders who were there that day for being cool with us and for not running us over. Much love!


Terrible One barcode T-shirt donated by Kurent BMX, customized by Alison Leigh

Here's a better view of the shirt

Here’s a better view of the shirt


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One Response to August CENTERFOLD!

  1. Jodi Kale says:

    Sexy, sporty, classy, confident AND intelligent. I love it! She’s awesome.

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