August Editor’s Letter

I always wait to do this til all is said and done… at the witching hour I write the editor’s

My iPod.. no one knows how much I love Eazy-E

My iPod.. no one knows how much I love Eazy-E

letter, delirious from work, delirious from life… I love WINK and all it stands for and I want to see it take off. Basically, I would and do metaphorically slit my wrists for this thing every day. For you and for myself. This month I decided to take on the BMX community and wow was it fun!! Got to talk to legit pros about bikes, as well as other local riders. The common thread they ALL shared was a sentiment summed up in a few words– We did it and do it because we love it and we love the LV and we love each other. Nice! Without further ado, I’d like to go ahead and say READ THIS ISSUE! It’s AWESOME! So THERE!

-Alison Leigh

p.s. When I was looking for a photo to go with this I came across this video I made the other day singing along to Bad Astronaut. I feel it is pertinent to mention I have been revisiting “Houston, We Have a Drinking Problem” all month. I do that with this album. I fucking LOVE THEM!

p.p.s. I do what I want and I don’t really give a shit, in case you didn’t know 🙂

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