Being Married to a BMX Rider

-by Tiff Janis

Being married can be hard enough as it is sometimes, but throw in a set of trails and a bike and you’ve got yourself a whole different ball game. Between the long hours of disappearances and constant worry that your husband is going to break every bone is his body at any time, it’s quite a trying job! Believe me, there are times I’ve threatened to slash bike tires and go plow the trails myself out of rage and jealousy.

My husband is happiest when he’s at the trails. I understand this. I knew this when I married him but who am I to stand in the way of years of such compassion and dedication? I now have the utmost respect for all trail riders. Lets face it – it’s a lot of work. It takes some serious balls to fly through the air off of 20 feet high jumps and to spend 100 degree days digging in the dirt, dialing in the trails just so they can possibly get in one good run.

It completely fascinates me every time I watch him work and smooth out a landing perfectly in a matter of minutes. I’m proud of my dirty trail loving hubby. He’s compassionate about what he does, and damn is he good at it. Not many people can even say that. Now that I see him with our daughter, how she follows him around the trails, weaving in and out of the lips, pound dogging the other local boys and pushing her little wheel barrow, it makes me even happier. Dahlia squeals with excitement at every chance she gets to go play in the dirt with her daddy.

I love my little family. My trail family. Even all the clay that’s constantly coated in every nook and cranny of my house. It’s not an easy job, but I’m in it for the long haul. I am his backbone, his wife. What I’m trying to say out of all of this, is that when you marry someone you need to accept who they are, don’t try to change them – you fell in love with them for a reason. Don’t be selfish. Let them have their time, their hobbies, their friends. Support them! If you would actually spend every second of the day with them you’d most likely end up hating each other. Suck up all the resentment and jealousy that builds up, and replace it with love and honor. It can be a hard task, but that’s your job. So here’s to all the BMX wives – the most unselfish batch of women I know, and to our amazing men who are super talented with some shovels.

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