This Is MY Body

-By April Piazza

Television, movies, tabloid magazines, social media: In this day & age, the pressure to have the perfect body bombards people from every conceivable media outlet. While plastic surgery, the use of weight-loss pills, and drastic diets are
considered the norm, the mania to fit the perfect mold has undeniably taken a toll on society’s young and old alike.

Luckily, the rebuff to this is in full effect, and one of the most prevalent movements out there is the This is My Body Project. Founded two years ago by Lehigh Valley local Kailei Piccioti, it’s helping women (and men) take ownership of their bodies, and more importantly, control of their insecurities.

Just visit TIMBP’s tumblr site – the first image you see will give you the group’s mantra in 3 easy sentences, in the format of a road sign: “NO negative talk, negative body image, or excuses allowed here.” TIMBP’s formal cause expands on that statement:

“[We are] an internet sensation urging people young and old, of any gender specification, to accepttheir bodies the way they are and hold confidence in themselves. We encourage others to do the same.”

And they have, in a big way. With thousands of submissions from ages and genders across the board, TIMBP has allowed readers to bring their insecurities to light by literally writing on their own bodies; thereby, showing the bare truth of what they look like – and sometimes what frightens or makes them uncomfortable – no holds barred. Apparently, the truth doesn’t always hurt – sometimes it heals: TIMBP boasts over 14,000 Likes on Facebook, and tens of thousands of reblogs on tumblr.

Another aspect of the Project’s biggest draws is the ability for site followers to interact by sharing personal stories, traumas, and successes, then both giving and receiving feedback. TIMBP also gives its readers much-needed perspective by comparing photoshopped pictures of models alongside un-retouched photos and asking: “Now Do You Understand the the Standard You’re Comparing Yourself To?” Supporters are also able to show their solidarity and remind themselves of the movement’s messages by purchasing TIMBP t-shirts and wristbands on the group’s bigcartel.comstore.

purchase here:

purchase here

To experience the This is My Body Project for yourself, visit:

To contribute YOUR story, mail

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