Vinnie Peachey- Tattoo artist profile

-By Brysen Kinslow

Two issues ago, Vinnie interviewed his friend Brysen of Sharkface Designs so we decided to turn the tables and have Brysen do the same for him! I thought about killing him for not capitalizing any of his “I”s in his answers, or most beginnings of sentences… but upon further reflection and meditation I decided to just leave them that way… what, do ya think we have a staff here or something?? So here ya go:

Please tell us your name, age and what color socks you are wearing.
My name is Vincent Kyle Peachey, but I have gone by the name Vinnie since kids in school subsized the name. I am 25 years of age, and of course i am wearing black socks. Do they make other colors?

How long have you been tattooing and where do you work?
I have been tattooing professionally 5 years now. I did my apprenticeship under Bob Ewing, Moonlite Tattoo, Lewistown, PA 17004, and i am still there today.

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What is the funniest tattoo you have ever applied to someone?
this question is hard. surprisingly people don’t find humor in tattoos, but i have done an OIP symbol. And i have come to find out that no one knows what an OIP is unless they are from this area. its an italian restaurant. did the symbol. Odd. I although have done plenty of names and they are always funny to cover up.

Everyone professional tattoo artists has to go through an apprentice stage. If you could give a speech to everyone you tattooed when you first started, what would you say?
THANK YOU! is exactly what i would say to my friends and clients that let me “tattoo” them on a regular basis til i got my feet wet and realized i was way in over my head, and probably did a lot of shit out of my element during the apprenticeship road. I appreciate all faith and clients that let me work on them during my stages. and i won’t call them learning stages, because you really never stop learning, but thank you to the ones that continued to come in and show the support of me during my rocky stages of an apprentice; without them and continuous clients in and out the door, i would not be anywhere near where i wish i would be.

You have this very unique realism style, do you want to pursue that more, or would you like to focus on another style?
Honestly, i would love to do realism all day long, but its hard when you tell someone “no outlines.” they kind of shun away from the idea because they are uneducated. But as far as my style, yes i want to continue to pursue this. It really helps when you can get tattooed by artists that are really pushing the envelope with realism, or tattooing in general. a really good tattoo will always stand out, whether it has line, words, or anything, but when i see artists produce something realistic and it has me in a kid like state of “awe”, its like there is nothing else on that page, or on that persons body. Realism always has appealed to me, and getting tattooed by some of the best in the genre really have helped with the education and friendships along the way. I will do any tattoo, any style, but as far as my education goes, yes, realism.

What would be your favorite machine set up?
I always say the same thing, that being : soft running, hard hit. But, recently i went to all rotary machines for my shading. i feel its easier on the client and less weight on my hands. so right now, i am running a coiled machine for lines, and all rotary for shading. i like the soft running machines, because personally i don’t like to go in and get it 100% right away. i like to play with the skin, and make my transitions as smooth as i can, so these rotarys have really been working in my favor; with less voltage but full power.

Since there are many people out there who look at you funny because of your artwork that you wear, if you could make anyone in your life get a tattoo, who would it be?
My old man, for sure, ha!! he hates what i do, and its because he is uneducated about the profession. and with a last name that’s endlessly amish, very oldschool. so he would be the one i would transform and assure him that everything is okay about how one looks. he’s missing out!

Aside from tattooing what other hobbies do you have?
well tattooing is my profession, but i do a few hobbies that i feel help with tattooing and some i do just for pleasure. I’ve been painting as long as ive been tattooing, and that really has shaped me into where i feel i am heading with my style. painting really helps with the memory bank of what works together, and what doesn’t. and you learn these tricks to help you as an artist. i learn tricks from painting i use in tattooing, i use tricks in tattooing i use in painting. but i had to bend these “rules” to pursue a certain style. I do some photography, myself. But more or less just to create a nice looking picture, and or for reference. I have been writing since i can remember, and personally has helped me through many of times. aside from all the art stuff, my other hobbies include endless horror movie watching, and playing some xbox with some close friends for the simple purpose of shooting people. its a release, it really is. ha. i do a good bit of reading also. personally, i try and participate in as many fields as i can to continue my learning, even if it is hand eye coordination. ha!

People love to travel. There are an endless amount of opportunities out there to study, eat and live. If you could go anywhere in the world to study your art, where would you go and why?
generally, i have a rather simple answer to this question. i would plant myself in an area with all other artists. so we can have a gathering, like church, but commerce over topics that would endlessly help each other. people think they need to be in a certain place to create and be inspired, but its actually the people and the encounters that help mold a person and make times worth living. A lot of tattoo artists are having gathering to talk about such things, and these are the places i want to be.

In 5 years, where do you want to be in your career? 10 years?
5 years from now i hope to be still tattooing, in a really good learning environment, whether its on my own or with someone else. I plan to do much more traveling and attending many more conventions. i also wish to start work shops for people that don’t have a good environment to work in. granted, i just paint in my apartment, but its a goal i have of mine, that i just want people to come together and create. especially if they are taking stuff like this out of schools… where are these kids going to learn? or express themselves? i am only one person, but my idea is a lifetime so i am hoping something in the future leads me to be able to do something of the nature. so in 10 years, i hope to do all of this, and have accomplished other goals that present themselves as barriers for the time being.

Any words you would like to tell the audience?
one of the best words of advice i have gotten, was passed down, and passed down and passed down. and that is DRAW, DRAW, DRAW. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS. personally without this i probably would have just hoped i would be where i am, but with doing this, i have been able to make myself what i have wanted myself to be. but that isn’t fair to non-artists, so my advice would be find happiness. find what makes your world go around and pursue it. i come from an amish family and they hate what i do, but found out that in the world, there are too many minutes wasted wondering what if, instead of follow-through. Two things: idealism and follow-through are two completely different things. and secondly, in order to come to, we must first come to believe; that yes we are only one, but surely can make a difference, especially if you are after personal satisfaction.

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