Why is the US Gov’t Worried About My Herb Again?

-By Preston Peet

The continuing US federal war against medical marijuana facilities, primarily in The West Costal areas, is counterproductive, a waste of much needed funds for myriad other purposes, and just plain uneducated and capricious.  Who can deny that signs of intentional market control by the prohibitionists waging their stinking War on Some Drugs blatantly exist?

The decade plus fight by reformers to get medical marijuana laws passed, succeeding now in 17 states and the US Capital, Washington DC[1], while laudable and truly more and more effective, is still only a half step, leaving those, like me who use for both recreational and medicinal reasons both, out of the reform loops. Exceptions to every rule of course glaringly stand out, what with three US states now having motions of their upcoming ballots allowing voters to choose outright legalizing the personal use of pot for all their citizens. [2] Not to mention current reform movements completely ignore the complicity by US and other governments and their covert intelligence networks and militaries in the global drug trade to being with.

Still, the seeming apathy about simply legalizing personal use and growth of marijuana is the most puzzling aspect of an otherwise healthy, thriving reform movement, not only in the US but around the world. A recent report from Alternet.org on a Gallup Poll shows 70 percent of US citizens support medical marijuana, and at least 50 percent support outright legalization for personal use.[3]

Here I sit, after what for me was been a long dry spell without herb, having thankfully been gifted with a small amount of this allegedly “scary” new super kush. The rabid prohibitionists are reporting it comparable to crack in strength and danger, with one particularly idiotic government official who recently insisted that kush, “otherwise known as hydro”, is “five times stronger than ‘normal marijuana.’”

“Marijuana has moved beyond a gateway drug. Kush has reached the level of cocaine…” says one law enforcement officer during a Mainstream News story on the allegations and warning by Illinois Republican Congressman Mark Kirk.[4] Yet, when I finished with my joint this morning before typing up this brief article, I was not finding myself jonesing to sell any belongings to score more kush, as might be the case were I actually smoking crack or something comparable. No marijuana is in any way, shape or form related in effects, molecular structure, or any other ridiculous assertion about marijuana comparing to or being as strong as cocaine. Marijuana use never leads to the sorts of sometimes psychotic behavior on the part of some cocaine/crack users.

More and more citizens in all parts of the world are coming to, or have long reached that logical conclusion. The country of Colombia just last week legalized the personal use of cocaine and marijuana, to cut down on crime, wasteful spending of police resources, time and energy, and the ill effects on users. [5]

So why is the Obama administration insisting on ever increasing the War on Some Drugs, with a huge focus on marijuana, with the relentless attacks upon medical dispensaries Obama promised he’d end, not to mention his administration promoting incredibly bad science[6]. How much longer before the Federal government realizes their constituents are becoming fed up ever faster about the insanity of continuing a war on peaceful pot smokers and sellers?

Until sensible sweeping drug reforms can seriously be discussed with the more straight members of our society, herb has the potential of being an important way to show people that legalizing one formerly demonized and illicit “drug”and not having the sky fall in,

You drive a hard bargain ladies

You drive a hard bargain ladies

could very well mean that other current illegal molecules have also been banned for monetary, and control reasons by the so-called Prohibitionists in the federal government and by some state governments too.

The idea that a “news” story can be broadcast by two different news outlets parroting without question the assertions about “new” superpot, kush, is so utterly laughable, and almost unbelievable it seem entirely feasible this kush =crack story is an ONDCP inspired  making up of facts to demonize weed and promote the prohibitionist party line.

The ball seems to be rolling faster towards sweeping reforms, perhaps not this year or the next, but perhaps sooner than later. The gradually yet inexorably growing reform movement will reach a tipping point at some hopefully not too distant point in the near future. It’s been often said in times of optimism by reformers, that the war will be over soon, a notion going at least as far back as the Carter administration, when many people were convinced, wrongly, that legalization was right around the corner. So it’s important not to give in to our own hopes, dreams, and even our own propaganda. It is very important to take things easy but simultaneously continue to move forward in relentless, unstoppable motion towards the goal of complete legalization and finally an end to this evil, destructive, society fracturing Prohibition II.

[1] http://medicalmarijuana.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=000881; Procon.org is an independent Non-Partisan 501 (c)(3) nonprofit society
[2] And Then There Were Three: Oregon to Vote on Marijuana Legalization in November
* http://blog.norml.org/2012/07/13/and-then-there-were-three-oregon-to-vote-on-marijuana-legalization-in-november/ by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications CoordinatorJuly 13, 2012
[3]http://www.alternet.org/drugs/156191/the_international_drug_control_treaties:_how_important_are_they_to_u.s._drug_reform?page=entire ; 50% of Americans Want Marijuana Legal, 70% Want Medicinal Pot — Are International Treaties Standing in the Way of Legalization?
[4] http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9o7x4_congress-warns-new-super-pot-danger_news : Congress Warns: New “Super Pot” Dangerous as Crack Cocaine
[5]http://www.disinfo.com/2012/07/colmbia-to-legalize-marijuana-and-cocaine/; Colombia To Legalize Marijuana And Cocaine
Posted by JacobSloan on July 2, 2012
[6] http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2011/07/20117176332914104.html;
Paul Resenberg, Drugs and money: Obama puts myth over science
Like his predecessor, Obama ignores expert opinion on the drug war, economics, Gaza and global warming.Last Modified: 20 Jul 2011 07:00

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