Best and Worst of 2012

DOGGY_rectangle_fullsizeBy Alison Leigh and Rick Klu

That’s right, this is what we think. Do with it what you will!

Best: That damn Gotye song! Don’t lie, you know you loved it the first bunch of times you heard it.

Worst: The video for that damn Gotye song. Jesus H CHRIST WHY???

Best: Mitt Romney didn’t win the Presidential election. I probably would have voted for Charles Manson if it meant keeping him out of office.

Worst: The murder of Esme Barrera, a victim of an awful man’s violent insanity towards women left thousands of people disturbed and terrified.  He supposedly killed himself but locals are skeptical the true assailant was even the same guy. Makes me feel sick to know woman are still to live a life in fear.

WHAT dude???? WHAAATT??

WHAT dude???? WHAAATT??

Best: Coachella added another weekend so more people can see their amazing line-ups every year. I am not one of those people because seeing bands in the middle of the desert in a festival environment sounds hideous to me, but dang, great line-ups every year, consistently!

Worst: The Seattle Shooter incident. I used to go to punk shows in Seattle in the mid-90s and so did this guy. People who knew him back then claim he was sweet, nice and a general good guy. His family claims that in the past decade or so he became withdrawn and weird. They took no action. Now people are dead and so is he and nobody can say they did a damn thing to prevent it.

Best: Moonrise Kingdom. This is my favorite Wes Anderson film to date. Wardrobe and cinematography perfection! The characters are wonderfully endearing, and in true Wes Anderson style, no one smiles hardly ever in the entire movie. Excellent cast and soundtrack as well.

Worst: Daniel Tosh‘s rape “joke”. What an idiot. THE END.

Best: This. Read it. Learn it. Live it. square pluto

Worst: Honest rape. Yeah Ron Paul, since DAY 1 I’ve been screamin’ about how much I cannot stand your existence and this just sealed the damn deal. HI. A woman gets attacked by a man, perhaps a stranger, perhaps her DAD and is forced to have her clothing ripped off her by someone twice as strong as she is, have his PENIS violently forced inside of her orifices (that’s mouth, vagina, and anus in case you kinda forgot to visualize it mister GYNECOLOGIST), beaten, restrained and mentally destroyed by the disgusting trauma occurring to her physical, mental and emotional well-being, and your ‘suggestion’ is she get herself home if she isn’t already, get dressed and march herself down to the hospital where she shall fling open-wide the doors to the ER and proclaim “I have been RAPED ladies and gentlemen! Please examine me. I shall await further instructions here in the waiting room where perhaps I will get myself a snack from the vending machine.” Ya know what?? I bet you couldn’t manage yourself to pull over at a gas station to ask for directions due to the utter humiliation your sad pathetic ego would have to endure. Why don’t you leave the rape decisions up to women and step the fuck back mmkay?? THANKS!

Best: NME’s list of 35 awesome alternative xmas songs. Tired of Perry Como, Jingle Bell Rock and that damn Live Aid song every single stupid year, everywhere you go? Well NME has thrown together a super cool list of Christmas songs that pose no threat to your indie-cool-hipsterville statuses! Break out that ironic ugly xmas sweater and relax with a PBR in style!

5090ab5bb1218.preview-620Worst: Hurricane Sandy. You came, you saw, you destroyed New Jersey. Hey Nature Lady! We may like to make fun of Joisey and all but that’s no reason to go and wipe it off the face of the Earth. I mean Daaaamn! Good wishes and thoughts to all who suffered from this weather experience and here’s to a hopeful and full recovery. If you haven’t donated or helped out in any way yet, now is the time!

2012 Hot and Not List 

By Rick Klu

Edible Marijuana.
Old school country music.
Choppers from the 1970’s.
Girls who don’t wear make up.1004_stcp_31_z+street_chopper_magazine_issue_covers+april_1970
Occupy Wall Street.
Telling it how it is. No matter what.
Making stuff.
Making friends.
Skydiving from space. Felix Baumgardner.
Equal rights (marriage).
Holding hands with your girl/boy.
Responsible gun ownership.
Sharing photos.
The new James Bond.
Late night taco stands (NOT Taco Bell).
Making your own T-shirts/clothes.
Whiskey on the rocks.
Adopting pets from a shelter.
Using your turn signals.
Making your own videos.
Buy ART not “stuff”
Reading REAL books!
Saying: I LOVE YOU
Dinner parties
Mom and Pop shops

Mittwitt Romney.
Smoking cigarettes.
Fucking Gangnam style (go away already).
Singing competition shows.
Bedazzled shirts with wings (or ANYTHING Bedazzled).

If your "drink" requires a blender, your bartender HATES you. Fact.

If your “drink” requires a blender, your bartender HATES you. Fact.

Stone washed anything.
Saggy gangsta pants (really? It’s 2012/13 Holmes!).
Foreign “tuner cars” (get a vintage Cadillac instead).
DJ nightclubs (go to a live show and support REAL musicians!!!).
Your handbag with a dog in it.
Making people wait for you.
Fancy pants cocktails (your bartender hates making them).
Bad tipping. If you tip good, they take GOOD care of you…
Video games
Not opening doors and not offering your seat to the ladies.
Skinny jeans
Shopping malls
Crystal meth
Neo retro things. Example: (new Dodge Challenger, Camaro, etc.). Get the real deal instead!
Fast food places
Online dating
Downloading (get a turntable and buy some records!!!)

Here’s to 2013!! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do! Ah hell do what you want. We will make fun of you perhaps, but that’s ok!



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  1. Allen says:

    Grass roots awesomeness!!!

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