December Editor’s Letter

Hi there! Hope you’re having a lovely December and that you are planning on spending

Art by Matt Sullivan

Art by Matt Sullivan

the holidays exactly as you want to. I am throwing a party at my shop and that’s about it. Keeping 2012 low-key and introspective and it’s been awesome. Interestingly, we all are on different roads in our lives and we intersect and go over and under each other all the time- but do we really understand one another? Are we all wearing blinders preventing us from giving each other the kindness we all need? Or can we try to see the world through other peoples’ eyes every so often? Try it. “We all need, someone, we can bleed on…” -The Rolling Stones

That being said, ya know what really grinds my gears? People complaining about people who complain on facebook. You see what you did there? This is up there with people who talk smack about someone to multiple people about how they– talked smack about someone to them. Um HI! I’m no rocket scientist but aren’t you um, — ah nevermind.

Here’s a tidbit of advice that really got me feeling good:

“Wake each day, determined to go to bed with satisfaction.”

Here’s a gallery of cute things for you

“Well if ya want it, well you can bleed on me…”

Listen to this while you peruse.. it’s good for you


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