Featured Artist Marty Desilets

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of him. If not, get out from under that rock you apparently

Nature walk with me

Nature walk with me

call home and open your peepers! He is many things to many people but for now, we will be focusing on his photographer hat. Below is a beautiful slideshow of his winter work. I urge you to look more than a few times and perhaps purchase a piece of his artwork.

From his website:

He grew up immersed in art and dedicated many brain cells pondering the “meaning of art”—that meta layer of artistic perception and how people respond to art at a visceral level.

A million and a half views on Flickr later, Desilets is a seasoned photographer with plenty of chops across a wide variety of subjects and shooting conditions. He is highly regarded for his landscape photography pictures, but has a personal passion for timelapse, action and architectural images.

Desilets embraces the latest digital photography technology and techniques but has a soft spot in his heart for medium format film. His work has also been professionally featured in web, print, broadcast and popular cultural media worldwide.

And now, without further ado, I give you:



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