Centerfold by Julie Creep

Model: Brianna Rose
Hair:  Krysta Kerbaugh

So this is Brianna Rose! WHAT a beauty! Happy Valentines’ Day from us here at WINK Pinup! Hope you love our first new issue, appropriately covered in hearts- for the singles and the hitched– love yourself first and all the right people will love you back 😉 -Alison Leigh

About the photographer JULIE CREEP~

With almost 7 years photography experience at the ripe old age of what- 18? 19? Mz. Julie Creep here has quite the body of work. She’s been on my radar since about 4 years ago because she was doing bloody gruesome amazing pinup zombie gore stuff and the quality was insane!! Finding out she was a high school student in Northampton made me spit out my proverbial soda through my nose. Anyhooo, she’s awesome. Here’s some facts about her:

-She rips apart her parent’s house to make new backdrops for her photos. She invites a bunch of hairdressers to their house (us from ESKANDALO! on a few occasions) to bust out retro pinup hair. She basically has the hottest photo studio in town and you all are stupid if you haven’t been there 😉 J/k!!

-This series of photos was shot in her living room and parent’s bedroom, which apparently look nothing like this in real life. She did that her own self. She shot it on a borrowed Canon Rebel xt from a ‘Pete’ til she gets her xti fixed (thanks Pete! from, us)

We asked her a few questions and these were her answers:

W:”Who do you look up to?”

JC: “I look up to so many photographers. It’s gonna be hard to narrow down a list haha. The first photographer I started to follow was Steve Prue. He shot with a lot of killer bands and his model work is amazing. I don’t shoot in a similar style at all but he was the first one I started to really appreciate for his work. There’s so many others though. My friend from California, Samantha Fay Garhartt of SFG Photography. Her work is so effortless and she’s a phenomenal person. Sarah Ann Loreth from New Hampshire, Jari Kaariainen from Helsinki for his concert photography. The list could go on and on but I think right this moment those are my top 4.”




W:”What is your inspiration?”

JC: “This could get really corny really fast but I’ll say it anyway. I think being an artist of any kind you tend to look at the world differently. A simple white wall and hardwood floor could be the gateway to a different world. I love when I’m driving around and pass by a spot that most people would think looks rundown or don’t even notice it at all. Music is also a huge inspiration to me. I spend a lot of time looking at art and there’s always something in that I find very inspiring.”

Contact her:

Facebook (

email (

Flickr (

Tumblr (

Model Mayhem (

Thanks for shooting for WINK Julie! You are amazing and this centerfold is out of control beautiful. Woohoo!! -Alison Leigh, WINK Pinup


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