DJ Tanner’s top picks!

Ya know who DJ Tanner is?

She’s like, the hottest DJ in TOWN, that’s who! She rocks the First Friday Dance Parties and you can also catch her at Eskandalo parties and Scheme City events… Here are her fave tracks right now:

the rapture’s, “out of the races and onto the tracks” has been one of my favorite dance songs since the movie, “the rules of attraction” came out. there’s a scene in that movie that features this song at the college’s end of the world party and as soon as i heard that guitar intro i was hooked. i love a lot of the tracks off of their album “echo’s” as well, but this was my number one for so long, i felt it appropriate to mention for this article. it’s a “get hyped up” number, for sure!

ah, lykke li… what’s there to say? in the past couple years she has become a go-to of mine. this song in particular has a beautiful breakdown that can easily sway any crowd- especially the indie-fueled crowd at your welcome inn every first friday. it’s catchy and 100% danceable!

“hurry up, we’re dreaming” was made for people like me. the song, “claudia lewis” made me fall in love during the first listen. i feel like a complete stranger to M83 would hear this song and feel the urge to dance; maybe it’s because that’s the way i feel when i hear it, but i’d like to think it’s nothing shy of the truth. it’s the perfect electronic feel-good dance song of 2011 (that will carry on for many dance parties to come).

“i can change” is pulling at my heart strings lately. it is all i want to listen to and it’s all that i want everyone else to listen to. i want to dance to it and sing it from rooftops. i think the lyrics are so simplistic and clever and then you put them on top of that music and it’s an insta-hit. LOVE. THIS. JAM. forever and ever, amen!


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