DJ Hexenkopf’s picks! (Who???)

Yes, DJ Hexenkopf.’ll be happy we told you of his existence we promise! Check him out at the First Friday dance party in March at the Your Welcome Inn!

Hi Wink, here’s what I’ve been into lately… It’s rare that I’m completely consumed by a single to the degree that I think about it and hum it when I’m not obsessively listening to it. Recently M83 comes to mind, tracks off of the last Battles record maybe, but 212 I can’t escape. Azealia Banks, NYC (now London) LaGuardia grad and theater geek, dropped a bomb a few months ago with this jam. Uploaded a scant four months ago, it’s already nearing four million views. I think (I hope) 2012 is going see her blow up and she deserves it, because her flow as well as her attitude is so awesome. I’m always psyched on new female rappers and she’s not fucking around. A few singles are floating around out there representing different styles; hopefully she’ll pin it down for what’s turning out to be a highly anticipated first record, out very soon.

(*warning* lots of the ‘c’ word. This songs kicks ass though…-ed.)
(**also due to SOPA, the actual videos won’t post, but click the links and enjoy anyway!)

I booked The Shondes in the LV recently after I randomly came across their newest video a few months ago. Hooked immediately, I was stoked to later find out that Katy Otto of Exotic Fever had put out their latest vinyl, Searchlights. This was the Indie Rock I had been missing in my life; so heartfelt and emotional, anthemic and beautiful, and fucking punk. I hear later Superchunk, Dambuilders, late 80’s to mid 90’s power pop and punk rock; although Fureigh’s nuanced and deliberate guitar attack, Elijah’s wash and wail of violin, and klezmer modes make The Shondes wholly unique. Plus, they are involved in wonderful things like LGBT rights issues and Jews Against The Occupation which seeks to end the occupation of Palestinian lands and the removal of the West Bank Barrier. Y’all rule! See them live, they have so much posi energy.

Although this is a 2010 release, this jam is always in the front of my mind. My bandmate Anthony Perret hipped me to this a while back and I just think Will is making some of the most beautiful and interestingly bent music out there right now. He plays all of his own instruments, samples them, and runs them though the blender. Anticon picked him up to put out Cerulean, so you know this shit is serious. He says he’s now holed up in the studio, for a 2012 release. Excited to see what he’ll be doing next. Striking visuals on this, who says the music video is dead?

I saw Matthew Dear on a Ghostly International tour that stopped at Silk City, Philly in the early 2000’s and I thought his stuff was alright. It wasn’t anything mindblowing, just competent dance music and one of the weaker sets that night, honestly. I forgot about him until he dropped Black City in 2010. What the hell happened and what did I miss? A lot, apparently, because Black City was a monster and ended up in my top 5. He’s doing some of the most interesting electronic music now and here’s a new video from his 2012 release, Headcage EP. Bouncy, hazy, lush and a little more dust and noise than last year’s output, the bubbling and melting images fit nicely with this track.

Hey, I love rap and I love donuts. Who doesn’t?! But is there a way to combine two of life’s greatest pleasures? Finally you can have both, together in one video. Sibley rejects consumer culture in favor of sweet treats, so take those cars and take those dumb shoes and give ‘em in for a cinnamon bun, dude. No nuts, though.

Thanks for checking out this awesome new weekly feature we have going on here! Watch all these vids and open your minnnnnddd!!! -ed.


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