DJ HOT METAL’s Lehigh Valley Love Songs

DJ HOT METAL wants you to get comfortable

How was your Valentines’ Day? Did you LOVE it or HATE it? I loved it this year. And I made a playlist to show just how much– Please find someone to make out with before you play it though. It’s kind of mandatory…

Obvious choice- Bauhaus, The Passion of Lovers, is a CLASSIC new wave/ goth lovesong. Honestly it could have been about eating worms and doing laundry and it would be a great song- Just sayin’


Freezepop’s Tonight is one of the sexiest songs. It’s just the right amount of innocent meets sultry. She usually is a goofball singing about Gameboys and stealing bikes but her whole steez in this song leaves me wanting more…. WATCH

I probably made out to this song a whole bunch of times…Skinny Puppy, DIG IT– wow hi highschool… Hi lying to my mom and driving to New York City to go to the Limelight, hi driving my car as many miles as humanly possible blasting and screaming along to industrial music of the 90s… Remember going to Now and Then in New Hope and buying t-shirts calling for an end to vivisection, and $5 tickets to a Fugazi show at City Gardens and a tub of green apple Manic Panic hair dye? I do. ENJOY

What kind of a world we be in without Van Halen? I don’t want to know. Not even interested. And this song particularly has an undeniable sex appeal one can’t really pinpoint. The combination of Eddie Van Halen and David Lee Roth makes for a slew of ’80s hair band- who gives a crap- let’s just do it’ kind of feelings. I like it.. And we Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love.. ROCK OUT

So listen to my playlist and have fun making out! Here’s that link again

-DJ HOT METAL dances around to her own favorite music at Eskandalo! and the First Friday dance parties sometimes!

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