Legendary DJ Pat Pervert’s picks of the week!

Hi Wink!

Some songs just stick in your head. This first pick I haven’t even played live yet but will my next gig.

Hailing from Europe (parts unknown), is the Punk/Pychobilly band The Hellfreaks with the song “Boogie Man”. Fast and explosive, they have very non-perfect but excellent original vocals, upright bass caving the floor in, punk drumming at 1000 bpm, and a classic rockabilly guitar. Evil by nature and female fronted makes for hot visuals- it doesn’t get any better!

My second pick is a crowd pleaser around my way. Raining in from Portland U.S.A. 2000, is another female fronted band, the Epoxies, with “Synthesized”, which was written in 2005. The song is well produced, catchy, and a cross between mid to fast punk and new wave. It works with almost every genre I play. They cross over well and are always a good choice. Energetic, quirky and fun, it’s a great tribute to the 80’s post punk sound.

Last but not least, (you will hear these guys everytime I spin) is the horror punk band, snowing out of Illinois,

Um, hi 🙂 --ed.

formed in Arizona 2003, Calabrese with the song “Blood In My Eyes”. Minor chords and punk rock are my favorites and I like it dark. A simple 3 chord wonder, and a chorus that opens into a melody I hummed for months. Very misfits influenced. I plan on downloading or buying pretty much all their stuff at some point.

DJ Pat Pervert
Thursday Punk Rock Happy Hour


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