Upon the hours and days and weeks we spend online and out in the world, we discover some pretty interesting things. Like Magellan and de Leon, here we bring you the riches we have since discovered, pillaged, stole, borrowed and paid for.. Let us begin–

CULTURESCHMUTZ— you will be so happy to click “play all” on this and be taken on a ride that promises to shake you choke you chill you and amuse you. Click here silly

Here are some examples of why we love this youtube playlist:*

These are just random examples— this is probably the most amazing video compilation in the world

The putter-together of this awesomeness has a radio show. Listen to it here, read about it here

And for real, click this link and then click play all— just enjoy the ride……

*warning, there is some black face banned humor in here- very weird and interesting and disturbing.. watch at own risk**

**possibly made up for by some of the most amazing James Brown footage I’ve ever seen, and I LOVE me some James Brown!!


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