Brooklyn Brings the PAYNE

Ya know, it’s been discussed that the Lehigh Valley has some pretty DAMN FINE tattoo artists. Here is one of THE absolute best, Brooklyn Payne. Take a look and then get in touch with him so that maybe you could purchase your very own piece of work by him.


Have you been drawing all your life?

Yes, before I went to kindergarten, I was inspired by an older relative, she was 12. I wasn’t allowed in her room so from her doorway I saw her painting on black velvet and I don’t think I paid much attention until the next week the black velvet had two payne5horse heads on it! It totally blew my mind, how did she do that? From then on all I wanted to do was draw! I didn’t realize it was just a paint by number. In kindergarten, my art teacher called the local newspaper about a winter scene chalk drawing I did, payne4while in her class, that she felt was at 3rd grade level. The newspaper put me on the front page! That just gave me the boost to do bigger and better.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up all over the east coast, from Florida to NYC. I moved payne3around a lot, when I was a kid, but ended up in Allentown at 16. I’ve lived other places after that as well, but i always return here. The Valley is my home base, till I can get out to LA, to live out the rest of my days in the sun!

How many conventions have you done approx?

I’ve done a lot of conventions now, some year after year… I toured for about a year only doing shows and guest spots.

What’s your involvement in the music industry?

I don’t really do a lot of music anymore, myself, but I remain a Freedom Union Member, which is a music networking union. I am also an official Battleaxe warrior member for more on that you can check out I do plan on getting back into my studio in 2013.

What kind of custom non-tattoo work do you do?

payneI paint in oil, airbrush, I have designed album covers, logos. I do commissioned portraits in either pencil or colored pencil. I can do set design and fx make-up. Basically, anything to do with art I’m into it!

Describe the tattoo machines you make

I put together some traditional coil tattoo machines, they are a basic design and I put my artistic twist on them. I also do some payne8reverse set machines that are not so traditional…It’s really just for fun, I consider myself more of an assembler than a builder but they are available at

What’s your website/ email?


What kind of prices do you have for tattoo work and custom art pieces/ installations?


What do you specialize in for tattoo work?

I specialize in portrait work and realism, but I’ve been tattooing since 1991 so I can tattoo all kinds and all styles of tattooing…

Do you have any upcoming goals for your career?

My only goals are to continue to do what I love to do and take care of my family while doing it. I don’t have to be rich or famous, as long as I can provide a good life for my wife and kids.

Describe what it’s like to tattoo celebrities

I’ve been lucky enough that I’ve been able to work with some really cool celebs. They are people just like you and me who just want a good tattoo and want a good time getting it. To name a few Vanilla Ice, Bizzare from D12, King Gordy from 8 Mile, Slaine, Danny Diablo, Paul Wall, Mars, JoJo Pellegrino and Kaylyn Lowery from TeenMom 2

I also came out with my own ink line through Starbrite colors, the best ink on Earth! Available through my main sponsor I am also sponsored by for all my needles and After Inked tattoo aftercare and FTR custom graphics from Emmaus.


Check out his website


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