January Editor’s Letter

Happy New Year!!!! What did you do for New Year’s Eve? I went to a rad Homebase party at Sokol’s and had a great time, then went to the Bethlehem Star for a beer with a friend. We then got in trouble by the police because some students were so silly they parked their car right at the gate- but I’m a smooth criminal (second time this week I referred to myself that way) and we got away with it… All in all, a nice time!

So, fun fact about me- I tend to have strong reactions to things. I’m a redhead- that’s what we’re known for! I especially do this when listening to friends tell me stories. I have a very Elaine from Seinfeld type of response lots of the time


I do it because I want people to feel validated as I like to feel when telling stories, but rarely do. Also, people tell really boring stories, so when someone tells an awesome one, I tend to feel a level of exuberance.

Example: (even when I cover the redheadedness with black hair dye, it lives strong)


I recorded my friend giving a tour of his father’s amazing house filled with treasures and inventions but it’s so stupid sounding because the whole entire time I’m saying “Wowwww!” and “Cooooool!!” after everything he says. I tried to find the videos but I guess I deleted them for ruining them all..

Why am I telling you this? Because, why not let’s all be more excited when our friends and loved ones are talking? Would it kill ya to show some enthusiasm? I mean we narrowly escaped the Apocalypse AGAIN- we deserve to let loose a bit don’t ya think?

Have a wonderful year. Our next issue is the 1 year anniversary of me taking on Wink by myself! Holy shiiiiiittttt! Go to this event and stay tuned for a WINK Pinup Spring Fling!


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