January Fiction

Safe and Secure or Pushed Up and Perky

Katherine Mazzola

When young girls stroll through the lingerie department at JcPennys, the first item that their eyes draw to are the bras. The different jewels, colors, and styles make a young girl instantly transform into this older, more mature female, fully developed and hot as hell; with every touch of padding, the young girl’s breasts grow a cup size. As her hands explore the different fabric and styles, the girl’s imagination travels to every possible situation she could experience in these different bra styles, whether playing on a soccer team or strutting her stuff down the runway, this girl would be ready for anything. After all of the fantasizing is over and puberty finally hits, the time has come to select that perfect bra. A push-up bra and sports bra may serve for a different outcome but they always have the same purpose.

The first question that all women should ask before buying a bra is why; why purchase this specific kind of bra? The purpose for a push-up bra is to make those sad, sagging sacks that are plastered to the front of their chest look perky again. The padding that is added to a push-up bra cradles the bottom of the breast giving those sacks the lift that women strive to achieve, but they can never conquer because in this society, plastic surgery is out of the question! Women do not have time to spend in the gym like men do, working on their pecks. They find a quick fix, strap on a push-up, and instantly transform their pecks into perfectly round melons just waiting to have them devoured. Unlike the push-up, sports bra serves a different purpose. The purpose of a sports bra is to keep those sacks safe and secure during activities that involve movement. A sports bra is like a seat belt in a car; it still allows movement but the belt will not let anything get out of control. If something were to get out of control, those air bags might deploy. Sports involve a lot of running and jumping, which can inflict pain on those air bags; if the breasts move constantly in the bra, it can cause chafing of the nipples. Sports bras prevent all of this; they are the solution to the bouncing, the jiggling, and the staring.

Should everybody have his or her own style? Hell yeah they should! Style a free ticket to get a sneak peek; same concept applies when it comes to bras. If women are wearing a push-up bra, they are already trying to have some sexy man spot their melons, and after the perfect candidate does, this is the moment of truth -the moment that men can tell just what kind of woman they found. If women are wearing a strapless push-up bra, they are easy. Strapless push-up bras say take me now; they are sleazy because of how easy it is to have one of those melons jump right out of the garden and into the wrong basket. Now if women are wearing a halter push-up, they are well put together. They still want men to look and maybe feel, but it gives the man a challenge to get to them. Those melons might be out of the garden, but they are elegantly displayed in a fruit platter. On the other hand, sports bras have a completely different style. If a sports bra is a compression bra, which still provides support and comfort but no movement, then these women have their game face on, and they are not playing around. The breasts are perfectly packaged and ready to be sent down the field to score the winning goal. This is not just some scrimmage game; this is the World Series. A game that any girl would kill to win and it does not matter what she looks like after the game. The only down fall is that any girl that wears this bra will only be taking a trophy home. But if women are wearing an encapsulation sports bra, then they want action after the game. An encapsulation bra pulls the breasts up and against the chest wall, providing some cleavage. The breasts are still perfectly packaged, but with this bra a woman cannot only score the winning goal, they score a man to escort her home.

The most important part in selecting a bra is comfort; all women should try on a bra or two before selecting the one that fits them best. A cotton push-up bra is an excellent selection; the cotton bra will still provide the support and lift that women are looking for, but also will not irritate the skin. Cotton is soft to the touch and will absorb perspiration that one might develop throughout the workday. Another decision that women need to consider when buying a push-up is if they want an underwire. An underwire is a great decision; it acts as a brace. It can bend around the breast so that women always have the right shape. The wire is that extra touch that can really help create the perfect breast. Sports bras are a lot alike. When participating in a sport no one wants their sweat to collect under their breasts and form a river that will consume any women playing in sports. Cotton can help with this; it is a light fabric that will reduce the amount of sweat. An underwire in a sports bra can either help or irritate. With large breasts, it is a great decision because the support will always be present and the breasts will not sage, but with smaller breasts, the bra itself might be enough to support them, when it comes to comfort, the person’s personal preference that matters.

The next time that you are in the lingerie department of JcPennys and it is finally your time to select the perfect bra whether it is a push-up or a sports bra, you need to consider what the occasion is, what your style is, and what feels comfortable on you. Do not let anything else influence your decision because a bra is meant to fit your needs. Also, if a bra helps in another aspect of your life so be it.


Katherine Mazzola is a nursing student who enjoys writing during her free time.


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