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Here at Wink Pinup, we believe in preventative approaches to health. Here are a few questions answered by Dr. Tom of Alpha Chiropractic, on the benefits of keeping your spine in alignment

1. Why should everyone see a chiropractor regularly?

To be the best you can be mentally and physically so that you can get the most out of your life experience. Why is that important? There are people in your life and your community who are counting on you to be your best. Chiropractic can help you be your BEST, so you can give your BEST!
Here’s how chiropractic can help everyone: We live our lives through our nerve system (brain, spinal cord, nerves), which is the master system of the body that controls and coordinates all body functions. Every heartbeat, every breath, every thought, every hormone that is produced is under the control of our nerve system. This delicate and important system is protected by bone. Our skull protects the brain and spinal bones called vertebrae protect the spinal cord and create openings for nerves to branch off and go to every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. All the estimated 60 quadrillion cells in the body must be working harmoniously for us to be healthy and function properly. If the messages from our brain can’t get to every cell, tissue, and organ in our body clearly and completely; and if our body can’t get messages back to our brain; then our brain can’t do what it should and we can’t have the health and life we should. So to have optimum function, health, and healing we need to have optimum nerve system function.
Chiropractors are the experts in detecting and correcting the most common and important cause of nerve system interference, the vertebral subluxation. A vertebral subluxation is a situation in which one or more vertebrae have lost their normal alignment and function in such a way as to disrupt proper nerve function and communication.Subluxations occur regularly and in everyone, and often do not

click to enlarge-- very interesting stuff!

click to enlarge– very interesting stuff! From

produce any obvious symptoms. They are caused by the body’s inability to handle the enormous amounts of physical, chemical, and emotional stress we deal with everyday. Like static on the radio, “static” in our nerve system interferes with the communication messages up and down our spine and body and takes away from our health and life experience. To have a better opportunity to live your life to your potential, subluxations need to be addressed regularly from birth until death. While results vary from person to person, the most common benefits of regular chiropractic care my patients commonly report are: more energy; improved health; clearer thinking, concentration, and memory; better ability to handle stress; improved physical performance; better sleep; the ability to receive greater value from exercise and nutritional choices; more balanced body chemistry; increased income earning capacity; improved relationships; better digestion; basically a greater enjoyment of Life.

2. How can one tell if they are in the wrong hands, i.e. at a “bad” chiropractor?

The same way you can about any profession or business. I think that most people enter this profession trying to do the right thing. However, 3rd party pay (insurance), with all its limitations and regulations and a lack of proper education and/or training as to what chiropractic really is, causes some to compromise their beliefs and training. It forces many chiropractors to focus on alleviating symptoms only, since that is all insurance often pays for and may require them to perform tests you may not need. It’s the common problems faced in all health care. Because it limits their ability to serve people long enough and on an ongoing basis, their patients may not have complete healing and the other wonderful benefits of regular care are never experienced. Since the scope of practice is so open in most states, chiropractors also add things to their practice that are not chiropractic, which causes confusion and, of course, a higher fee. Does that make them bad? Maybe. I feel sorry for them and the lack of true joy they may be missing by not doing things in what I would consider “the right way”.
What I would look for is: Do they explain what they are doing and educate you in a way that makes sense to you? Are they more interested in your insurance than they are in you? Are they available? Are they affordable? Do they say one thing, yet have procedures and practices that are incongruent? Are they trying to be too many things – physical therapist, nutritionist, acupuncturist, medical doctor, etc.? It truly makes me wonder why a chiropractor would do other non-chiropractic things in their office. Just as it makes me wonder why people would go to a chiropractor for those things and not to the professions that exist to do those things.
Most people are smart enough to know when things are “shady” at any business. Trust your intuition, ask as many questions as it takes until you know and feel comfortable with the person who will be working on your nerve system.

3. Explain your payment method of the honor system.

When you study chiropractic and have been in practice long enough, you come to the conclusion that subluxations occur regularly (at least weekly) and in everyone throughout their whole life. Therefore, people need to have access to regular care. Any fee system that limits and prevents them and their families from having access and affording the care they need is not congruent and, in my opinion, a bad fee system. The honor fee system lets people set their own fee for regular care based on their financial situation. People place their fee anonymously in a box in my reception room. There is no upper or lower limit to the amount they can drop. It is not a charity or a donation, I am providing a service and I expect compensation with the most that people can afford. The ability to come as often as they and their families need to allows them the opportunity to experience regular chiropractic care and receive all the benefits that it brings. They also realize that my recommendations are based on what they truly need, not on what insurance dictates or any other ulterior motive. When I know people need this

Da Vinci had to rob graves to gather info on the human body. We have it easy…

service regularly, what else could I offer and still sleep at night?

4. What are a few day to day ailments that regular “good” chiropractic visits can help cure?

Unfortunately, most chiropractors advertise that chiropractic helps with things like back and neck pain, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. because those are the things that some insurances might pay for. So the public thinks that those are the problems we handle. However, a chiropractor (or any other type of doctor) doesn’t cure anything. Only the body (if it is able to) can heal and take care of any health challenges a person may have. When the body can work better, it can heal better. In my years of practice people with all types of health issues have come through my door and most have gotten better if they stick around long enough. But my goal is never to treat symptoms or ailments. My focus is always on improving body function by allowing the nerve system to function as best it can. Chiropractic might not be the only thing a person needs to do to improve their health, but it is usually the most vital missing piece. Due to the education I’ve offered to my practice members and our community, I’m at a point in practice in which most new people coming to see me now just want to get their spine checked for subluxations and most don’t have any health issues or obvious symptoms. They know that chiropractic helps them function better and live life to its fullest.

5. Explain why people think it’s a scam to have to go all the time- as in, some people say “Oh they just make you keep coming in every week for your entire life.”

The reason people think this is because they didn’t receive a proper explanation from the chiropractor as to the importance of regular care. There are 2 things to consider:
1. For you analytical types reading this, when it comes to a subluxation, especially a long-standing one, it may take a long time for tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to heal. Just to throw some numbers at you – under ideal circumstances, general tissue repair can take anywhere from 2 days to 6 weeks; muscle or tendon healing can take 10 days to 10 weeks; ligament healing will be around 50% in 6 months, around 80% after one year, and as close to 100% as possible in 1-3 years; tissue remodeling can take 3 weeks to 1 year to complete; angiogenesis (the formation of new capillaries), which is imperative for healing to occur, requires months to complete. Just like putting braces on teeth takes time to reshape the position of your teeth, regular chiropractic care has to strengthen and reshape your spine over time. So initially, to get proper and complete healing takes some time.
2. People need to realize that anything you do that improves your health and life must be done regularly and consistently. You can’t eat healthy, exercise, get enough rest, practice proper hygiene, brush your teeth, etc. only once in a while and expect to see the benefits from those activities. Does anyone say, “Now that I’ve eaten a healthy meal, exercised, brushed my teeth, and bathed today I don’t have to do that anymore and anyone that tells me otherwise must be scamming me”? They’ve had the reasons as to why they need to do those things regularly explained to them. Whether they choose to do those things is up to them and they will experience the benefits of doing them or consequences of not doing them based on the actions they take.
Improving your health is not an event, but a life long process. If you are not actively doing

He's been adjusting some lucky people since they were newborns! Here he is demonstrating a normal adjustment on his daughter.

He’s been adjusting some lucky people since they were newborns! Here he is demonstrating a normal adjustment on his daughter.

something to make yourself stronger and healthier, you are becoming weaker and sicker by default. When people have chiropractic explained to them, it makes such perfect sense that they understand the importance of regular care. The physical, chemical, and emotional stresses that cause subluxations occur from birth until death, so you need your spine checked regularly from birth until death. In all my years of practice, no one has ever disagreed with my explanation or need for regular care. They can’t – it is based on the basic principles of anatomy, physiology, and life. But again, people have to choose to want to be functioning properly and as healthy as possible. Those that do will live a better life and will grow old with me.

To speak with Dr. Tom, check out his website and give him a call! Your entire body will thank you for it!


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4 Responses to Get Cracked!

  1. jason says:

    Great article, nothing better than a good adjustment.

  2. So last week, my husband’s back went out and he went to the ER and received nothing but some pain killers and muscle relaxers. After these didn’t help at all after 3 days, Wink Editor-in-chief, Alison Leigh, referred us to Dr. Tom at Alpha Chiropractic. After just one adjustment, my husband began feeling relief and has been adjusted every day this week. During our daily visits with Dr. Tom, we began discussing my 14-month old son’s trouble with walking. My son has been receiving weekly physical therapy since he was 2 months old for various birth-related issues. Just this week, his therapists recommended orthotics because he simply was not walking more than a few steps at a time. Dr. Tom adjusted my son on Thursday, we came home, and my son was walking clear across the room with no problem at all. He was adjusted on Friday, and began walking BACKWARDS with no issues and walking in figure 8’s all around the room with the greatest of ease. He was adjusted again today, his third adjustment in 3 days, and Dr. Tom commented, “I wonder if he will do gymnastics today!” He didn’t do gymnastics, but he suddenly knew how to eat with a fork properly as if he were 3 years old. I also have been getting adjusted this week just for increasing my own personal wellness. The results speak for themselves. I highly recommend EVERYONE visit Dr. Tom!!!

  3. winkpinup says:

    Micki that’s so amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I’ve known Tom for 30 years now, and have been receiving regular chiropractic care from him for 2 years. I dislocated my hip as a 5 year-old boy, and had constant and chronic back pain until the age of 37. Yes, over 30 YEARS of chronic pain that would range anywhere from a 3 to a 197 on a scale of 1-10. In my 2 years since first going to Tom, I have never been above that 3 on the “painometer”, and, moreover, 95% of the time, I feel absolutely no pain whatever … for the first time in my life! This would be enough for me to come to Tom, but the truth of the matter is that there are so many more benefits of regular chiropractic care. Anything from sleep to regularity to sexuality is improved, I am more efficient at work (at the workplace or doing jobs at home), and I have just become a more well-tuned machine of a person since Tom has shown me a new way of life. I see Tom, on average, 5 times a week, and my entire family sees him as well … all for one monthly price that we can afford. You can afford him too! You only get one life, why not live it as well as you can!!!

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