JULY Editor’s Letter

Hello and welcome to SUMMER! Yay! I’ve made a playlist of a bunch of bands that have the word “Black” in their title. I hope you give it a listen because there are some DARN good songs on it! But seriously, can we stop using that word in band names for awhile? I’m totally over it…


Anyway here is something interesting and a little bit TMI but hey, I do that. Every month, unless a woman is on some kind of hormone altering birth control, most of us ladies get our visit from Aunt Flow, or as I like to call it, Shark Week. I realized last issue that I am usually in the throws of PMS when I put Wink out, but thanks to the joyous wonderment of First Friday and the fact that I put this out on said event, I am now well past the PMS stage and into that miraculous time frame when I am neither suffering from the mood swings or hormonal imbalances of the crimson tide, nor the weirdness of the ovulation phase- I am simply, a woman putting an online magazine out. Interesting right? Tactful filters be damned!

So without further ado, please enjoy this lovely issue with the GORGEOUS Phee gracing our cover and centerfold- be careful your screen doesn’t melt 😉 Hope you’re getting out and seeing the ocean and the mountains and the lakes, camping, bike riding etc., or perhaps you like to hole up in the air conditioning. Whatever your pleasure remember one thing-

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One Response to JULY Editor’s Letter

  1. Jodi Kale says:

    hahaha… “Shark Week!” Oh my. Anywho, I dare to say that you’re *always* “simply a woman putting an online magazine out.” Regardless of where you are in your cycle. You also forgot to add that you’re an AMAZING woman putting out an AWESOME online magazine. 😀

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