Editor’s letter

Well then… June is upon us finally. I have spent the month of May contemplating and learning about mental illnesses and how people in society today treat one another, while being a recluse and listening to sad music. Enjoying the peace and quiet of my room with the door that looks out to my porch and backyard. Relaxing to the pounding rain storms, smoking cigarettes and trying to remember or figure out who I am in there.

I’ve made a playlist I urge you to click ‘play all’ and zone out as you peruse this issue.. The first song is dedicated to my awesome sister and her husband who just gave birth to the cutest baby I’ve ever seen!

The second song is dedicated to the Seattle Shooter who used to go to punk shows with a lot of my friends at the Lake Union Pub back in the day. Most that knew him said he was a cool kid back then- nice, fun etc.

Why do we abandon the mentally ill in our society? Why do we allow our fellow humans to rot inside their own heads without receiving treatment or having anyone in their lives who has a clue enough to try to find out WHY someone is acting rude or being a creep? Or killing themselves and other people for christ’s sake?? Why do we go straight to blame and hatred and judgment? I am happy that my mind is settled enough to get me through day to day dramas and humans mistreating each other and everything around them, but I sure am no shining example of “normal”, that’s for sure. We all just need a little more understanding of things we are not personally experiencing. It’s called empathy.

I crave to meet amazing people who thrive and give a damn about stuff! I cherish and cry tears of joy when I’m around people who are positive and heartfelt and confident.

Enough of all that- I firmly believe it’s time to try to put ourelves in other peoples’ shoes more often and be accountable for things we do wrong. Tell the truth and love yourself and each other. As my soul sister Ronia said the other day- “Enjoy yourselves… it’s later than you think.”

Happy summer! I’ll be on my various 2-wheeled modes of transportation off on many solo adventures. Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. I like hanging out with myself. I do cool shit πŸ™‚

-Alison Leigh

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3 Responses to Editor’s letter

  1. Jodi Kale says:

    I’d like to respond to your primary and powerful message of empathy. If anyone reading this would like to remind themselves to empathize with those around them, I’d suggest simply writing the word “empathy” on a Post-It and secure it their mirror or inside their car. The definition is easy, and the application is difficult, to state it very simply. The next time anyone feels wronged or offended, think of where the other person is coming from. It may not justify their behavior, but understanding the origin of it all will help you come to peace with even the worst situations people have been in.

    I love this entire letter, and I could write a dissertation on the myths and negative assumptions people make about mental illness. Definite food for thought, Alison. Like you said, being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely. You’re obviously using it productively – I bet it will be quite the learning experience.

    I love everything about this magazine. It appreciates so many forms of creativity and beauty, introduces me to people doing amazing things in the ABE area and analyzes broad social issues. I just learned that such young people in the LV are creating their own careers in this economy. How inspirational! I can’t wait to see what directions you take it in in the months ahead. πŸ™‚

  2. winkpinup says:

    Thank you so much Jodi!!! I appreciate your words more than you know πŸ™‚

  3. mark demon degerolamo says:

    i did not know the seattle shooter or lets put it frankly the human who put his anger out on innocent victums.but i do know pain angst and have been diagnosed with a bi polar issue in his defense i have known and read that he was a cool and awesome person….maybe we need to look more at the signs you loved ones see and do nothing about…the hurt and lonely ness some one feels before they act out……………i have been hurt criticized and judged by too many close to me that watched me spin ouy of control while asking me for more coke booze or money…[ feel for the victums but also feel for a lost hurt soul nobody helped i dedicate the song im so fucked up by the sloppy seconds to u shooter love n respect demon

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