NOELLE! What a hottie!

-photos by Alison Leigh

Alison was doing my make up and remarked that I had great features, and I said, “Thanks,” cuz that’s what you’re supposed to say when people pay you a compliment, right? But really, she’s a professional and so what’s she going to say when you sit down in front of her? “Oh, my god! I sure do have my work cut out for me today!” I thought she was fun, and kind, and being nice. But she said she’d like to take these pictures for Wink. And I thought, “I’m gonna be a pin up girl!” I also thought I’d finally be the pretty sister. So maybe I have issues. So what?

My shoot was…relaxed. Chill. Fun. I felt a little exposed, kind of vulnerable, until Alison and I started talking. We talked about food and music and stalkers and art and who knows what else. I told her I felt exposed. She asked if I minded cleavage shots. It was comfortable, and she gave good directions. What can I say? She’s created a monster because my friends and family will never stop hearing about the time I was a pin up girl. And next time you need a model…call me!

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