Save the Kales!

-by April Piazza

Jaime Karpovich isn’t just another pretty face. She’s a mover and a shaker, and one of the Lehigh Valley’s most recognizable personalities.

Where might you know her? Jaime’s name is most closely related with food…delicious, healthy food. If you are a conscientious eater, vegetarian, or vegan, it would be hard to miss her WordPress blog, Save the Kales!

What began as a food blog two years ago has branched out, and so has Jaime. Besides being the proprietor of Save the Kales! (voted Best Food Blog by the readers of The Morning Call), Jaime keeps up “StK” Facebook and Pinterest sites, followed by over 1,500 fans. She also contributes writing to Lehigh Valley Style online (and, until recently, the late Wink Magazine), and has appeared as a guest chef with SteelStacks Live! Throw in another two year’s worth of hosting StK Youtube webcasts and, oh yeah, a new vegan cooking show, and you can begin to paint a picture of just a few of the gluten-free pies Jaime has her thumbs in.

The Save the Kales! cooking show debuted on RCN Channel 4 on Sunday May 6th to much excitement and success, and has been the object of much positive press in the weeks that followed. The half-hour-long series is slated to air monthly, with episodes repeated after each initial airing. The second episode has already been filmed, and fans are awaiting it with bated breath. Don’t have cable? No worries! After each episode has aired, it will be available online for your viewing pleasure!

What can one expect from an episode of StK? In short, Jaime serves as a charming host who travels to local destinations before expertly whipping up delicious, cruelty-free menu items that even the most novice of chefs can aspire to create. The pilot episode featured a tour of an Allentown tofu factory. Following her exploration, Jaime used said tofu to create a tofu scramble and a tofu pizza made with fresh basil. Other recipes from past StK blogs and webcasts include Moroccan beef salad, kale chips, cheese sauce, lentil soups, and a variety of other delectable dishes (keep in mind, each is vegan!).

Besides being an excellent source of vegetarian and vegan at-home menu ideas, the StK blog is also a wealth of information for those interested in beginning or continuing on such a diet. Jaime’s posts encourage conscientious nutrition, and cite academic sources relaying the health benefits and moral standpoints of living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Ethically-minded, health-conscious, whip-smart, well-spoken, fun, and original, the author – along with the rest of the Lehigh Valley – looks forward to all that Jaime has to dish out!

Check out April’s brand new blog Steel City Retro!

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2 Responses to Save the Kales!

  1. David Kresge says:

    the show rules. who needs a spirit animal? my spirit human is Jaime! 😀

  2. Kate K says:

    Love your show Jamie K, You have a beautiful energy about you!

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