BPA- A Happy Ending?

“We’re Gonna Make It After All”

So to all who have been following our BPA story, we have MADE PROGRESS! Here is an outline of things we have either learned, gotten changed, or had misunderstood:

  • You CAN park at a broken meter. If you get a ticket for parking at a meter that says FAIL on it, it’s ok to stay there. What we learned though, is that a meter may or may not reset itself to flash expired, hence garnering you a ticket. I’d recommend taking a pic with your cell phone of a fail meter and if you do get a ticket, you can go there and prove your point.
  • MERCHANTS- as you know we have no parking garages on the southside. Which means cannot validate our customer’s parking garage stub to give them a discount like the northside can. As merchants, I asked Mr. Hartley if the parking attendants can bring us bags of tokens to exchange for our customers which makes street parking 80 cents instead of a dollar for an hour– it’s something, right? he said all we have to do is call over there and ask– let’s give this a try! Their number is 610-865-7123
  • We are in the process of setting up a meeting with the guy in charge of the Lehigh parking garage on Morton st. We would like to get permit parking in there so we employees and residents on 4th and Morton streets can get away from the meters and allow for more customer parking.
  • And the icing on the cake is— drumroll please— our friend Steve was called by the head of the BPA himself and was able to come to an understanding with him. The result is that Steve is currently parking for free until they get a new ordinance for residents on that block in which case, he will pay around $20 a YEAR to park there. How about that??? This will greatly benefit the employees of Eskandalo, Homebase, and Tulum, as well as the very few residents who happen to live there. YAY US!!!!!!! Thanks for the support on this one people! We all did it. Standing ovation for Jason Hedrington for the tireless efforts and his insatiable quest for fairness in the country he loves so very very much 😉 We bow

Well stay tuned everyone as we keep you posted on the latest news on the parking situation on the Southside!

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