Editor’s letter

“Sometimes bubblegum and rainbows can fix your problems. And sometimes you need to get all Muhammad Ali on stuff” -me

Oh plus he was an indispensable figure in the Civil Rights movement of the 60s… by the way.

This has been an interesting ride, these past few months! Lots have happened! We have been working hard at getting things over at the parking authority sorted out- we thank you Jason Hedrington, for the awesome work put towards the greater good of our town, and  Tom Hartley and Michael Recchiuti for meeting with us and doing their best to understand our situations! We have already seen progress and are looking forward to more changes that will not only increase revenue for the BPA to do what they need to do to create better parking facilities, but will be fair and create less drama for the citizens and patrons of Bethlehem. As a culture, we need to act less selfishly and learn how to be more understanding of other people. We all go through so much everyday and we all have such different backgrounds and coping skills and support systems. It’s really just the luck of the draw too- no one asks to be raised the way we are, yet you have no choice in the matter. It will forever be a part of your person and that’s all there is to it.

So I sit around at night working on Wink, sometimes watching DVDs on my TV and not paying attention to them, or listening to dance party music (like I am right now) and trying to sing along while typing and adding videos and stuff. Pretty DAMN fun actually! This is what I’ve been listening to for a bit- kind of making it as I go along:

 Awesome playlist! Click PLAY ALL

Thanks for tuning in! Remember to check back every friday for new articles!

Access your inner Top Gun Halloween costume

-Alison Leigh

p.s. if you happen to notice a whole lot of content by me this month, it’s because I kind of forgot to ask anyone to do anything… ha learned my lesson there 😉 Anyone want to contribute? Email me! winkpinup@gmail.com

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