Hot Picks!

Parlez- vous francais DJ Damage?

I’ve been having a SERIOUS love affair with French electronic music. College has caught my attention. College is a part of the Valerie Collective, a group of French artists that collaborate together. They do a lot of interesting things, I highly suggest checking them out. All of College’s works are also conceptual, which drives me fucking wild. I love concept albums. College collaborated with Electric Youth on this one, another band in the Valerie Collective. Yeah, it’s good. Just like the 80’s.

More French electronic: Vitalic. Pure synth dark disco. This stuff here melts my fucking soul. This gentleman has two full albums as well as a decent list of remixes to listen to. I dare you to listen to his albums and to try not to dance. YOU WILL FAIL. This one is a personal favorite. Not to mention the video is rad. Repeat. Repeat.

Even more French electronic: Danger. A mix of chiptunes and synthesizers. I’m in love. He’s definitely created a musical persona for himself, evident in his artwork and the suit he wears while performing. I like the flavor it adds. Only a couple EP’s and a bunch of remixes, but worth checking out. New EP/LP in the works. No lyrics on this one, just mixed up syllables. Follow the music.

Not French. Still electronic. Based out of Oregon, Glass Candy is creating music in the style of Italo disco with a twist of dark synth. It wasn’t always this way though. They have quite a list of earlier works modeled around “no wave and glam rock.” If you like this track, check out the album B/E/A/T/B/O/X/ and the other stuff on their label Italians Do It Better. I’ve been playing this too much… Oh, sweet Siren…

Let’s keep the trend going here. More Oregon based music: Starfucker. Electronica indie pop. Tell me that doesn’t sound fun. But don’t, cause you’ll just be wasting yr time. Motivating and yet depressing at times, they’re something to be reckoned with. Some of the tracks really wrench my heart with their melodic synth beauty. This one in particular haunts me. Fucking bitter sweet.

One time, I listened to music without synthesizers…

DJ DAMAGE is spinning the First Friday Dance Party march 2nd– if you missed, too bad for you! If you were there, post a comment below on what you thought!

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  1. am ber says:

    Sweet music!!

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