Music picks

From Stuart

-5 songs to listen to over and over and over forever. He’s not really a DJ, but he does have good taste in music so..

Here is a playlist of the songs at WINK Pinup’s BRAND SPANKING NEW youtube channel!! It’s so exciting our head just exploded all over the place…Click PLAY ALL!

1. Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial OrchestraWhat We Loved is Not Enough

“I don’t know what Silver Mt Zion is talking about, I absolutely love this song! I like all the slow beginnings, the epic rises, the evident lows, everything. I love his voice, his lyrics. This song gives me bumpy gooses. Also I was right there in the front row when this video was shot, I was a happy little man that day.

2. Elliott SmithEverything’s Okay

“This song is my all time favorite. I love the lyrical content. He was a beautiful tormented songwriter, you just don’t see or hear songs like this anymore. I wish he was still alive. Sometimes this song makes me sad, but it’s okay…everything’s okay.

3. Titus AndronicusThe Battle of Hampton Roads

“I can’t stop listening to this song, and I really should because it’s 14 minutes long! Takes a good portion of the day to listen. I think this is some sort of concept album and this is the last epic song on the record. I’m not really sure what the concept is, but I relate the last verse to stuff I’m dealing with. Favorite line: ‘I’d be nothing without you my darling, please don’t ever leave.’ Epic.

4. Do Make Say ThinkIn Mind

“This is my happy song. It makes me happy. I like to be happy. ‘If you keep that in mind, you’ll find love as big as the sky.’

5. Broken Social SceneIt’s all Gonna Break

“Another Epic tune. I like horns and stuff and this song has them. There are so many parts of this song to get lost to, it is insane. To this day, every time this song appears on shuffle, I crank up the volume, try to sing like Kevin Drew, and get the goosy bumpies every freaking time. Good stuff.

If you want to know what I’m listening to next month, or the month after, just re-read this because chances are I’ll be listening to the same five songs until I die.”

-Stuart Martin Hager


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