ROCK SOLID- Wink’s Man of the Month!

Christiän Weber

Who won a gold Addy Award? OH snap who won TWO gold Addy Awards? None other than Christian Weber– the man that took the Downtown Bethlehem Association by storm with his amazing graphic design skills and brutal attention to detail.

He first came on the scene at a live local* meeting. He then proceeded to design the entire movement- everything from a logo, to raffle tickets, to a billboard- all pro bono because he believed in the cause and was (is) still a student at Kutztown U. He then got a job with the DBA and now has a huge amount of work under his belt, as well as turned l’il old Bethlehem into a cutting edge town with events designed by a “Cool” person! We are nothing short of lucky and we all appreciate your dedication and genuine love for the Lehigh Valley. So as a business owner and member of the DBA, we’d like to say THANK YOU for all of your amazing work! You are a GEM!

One of the winning posters!

Click for more images of his work!


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