ROCK SOLID- Wink’s Man of the Month!

Christiän Weber

Who won a gold Addy Award? OH snap who won TWO gold Addy Awards? None other than Christian Weber- the man that took the Downtown Bethlehem Association by storm with his amazing graphic design skills and brutal attention to detail.

He first came on the scene at a live local* meeting. He then proceeded to design the entire movement- everything from a logo, to raffle tickets, to a billboard- all pro bono because he believed in the cause and was (is) still a student at Kutztown U. He then got a job with the DBA and now has a huge amount of work under his belt, as well as turned l’il old Bethlehem into a cutting edge town with events designed by a “Cool” person! We are nothing short of lucky and we all appreciate your dedication and genuine love for the Lehigh Valley. So as a business owner and member of the DBA, we’d like to say THANK YOU for all of your amazing work! You are a GEM!

One of the winning posters!

Click for more images of his work!

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