Stuff we like- Kilkennycat!

Upon the hours and days and weeks we spend online and out in the world, we discover some pretty interesting things. Like Magellan and de Leon, here we bring you the riches we have since discovered, pillaged, stole, borrowed and paid for.. Let us begin–


Hey now, this is messing up my cute-o-meter! Here we have a lovely lady named Ryan Conners. Click her name for a full bio and a visit to her etsy store! She does adorbs paintings of kitties with no expressions on their faces, cute outfits, (very “Shining-esque”) of boy and girl cats who are seemingly in love. I am simply taken by these paintings and her style. She also takes amazing photographs and stuff in her life that makes you wish you were privy to whatever happiness this woman has discovered- I wanna jump into these pics and live there! Visit her gorgeous flickr page

And now listen to this new podcast from INTOXICA!

Highly recommend this one. It’s got excellent movie quotes, funny stories, weird music, and of course, the ever present echo effect microphone… Highlights include quotes from the John Water’s film Serial Mom, as well as rare songs from Brian Jones (it’s his birthday) and funny stories about Howie spending a few days with Phyllis Diller and Genesis P. Orridge… if only they were times spent all together- now THAT’s a story 😉


This show makes my night…and it’s available on Netflix streaming! Low brow humor, incredibly unlikeable characters (except for Blake, with whom I am obsessed) and subject matter such as Juggalos, tight vs. loose “buttholes”, amateur body building, cheating on drug tests and so on…you get the idea. It’s funny, weird, and has great side characters as well. I watch it every night on my phone before I go to sleep. Yeah I used to read… I don’t know what happened to me. Oh yeah I got an iPhone that’s what happened to me..


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