Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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We SPOKE and we were HEARD! Read all about the progress we made with the BPA by standing up, respectfully and assertively voicing our opinions! Yay for everyone!

We did a call out for people wanting to do a dork photo shoot. We got an insane response. Which leads us to believe that people are getting tired of trying to be cool all the time! We really want to let it out and stop repressing- that’s bad for you. Anyway, please enjoy these photos we got of a few awesome people who were brave enough to unleash their inner dorks– and ironically, they ended up looking pretty darned cool doing it. Shot by Alison Leigh

Wow look at our lovely cover girl! LeeAnn is one bad ass babe. She’s been in a few bands, is wearing a bunch of awesome clothes people she knows made and that is her guitar case, She also colors her own hair and does amazing makeup.

Hair styled by Marybeth for Eskandalo!

Thanks Stuart for providing us with a wonderful space to shoot! So hospitable!

Thanks to Post Sputnik for filming the shoot and we can’t wait to see the show you guys make out of it! Stay tuned for that!

The debut of CLAW! What is it? It’s a section of WINK devoted to erotica and fetishism. It is a culture of artistry and respect- there is no danger or violence, and is 100% consensual between adults. That being said, email us at for an auto responder with the password to check it out! (We promise no spam ulterior motives) Our first installment is a piece on Japanese rope suspension by guest writer Preston Peet, with illustrations by local artist Matt Sullivan, drawn specifically for this article. Please enjoy with an open mind or not at all 😉 We thank you!

We went out one night in New York City to this amazing restaurant. We used our illustrious titles as WINK editors to get a sweet table in the window on the busiest night of the week. Figured we should probably write an article about it- it’s only fair!

Ever wonder what it’s like for people with a mental disorder to deal with everyday relationships? Those lucky members of society who have everything in order upstairs have enough trouble with this stuff- imagine having to battle your own mind! Well, read this article and gain a new perspective!


As always, check out our new WINK of the WEEK every Friday! And please, boys and girls, young and old, send us your favorite photos of yourselves! Tell us WHY you love the photo, and why you love WINK! Share the love! Also find us on facebook! Our facebook friends get to see the new stuff sooner than the rest of y’all. Well, la-dee-DAH!

Also: STUFF WE LIKE! and DJ PICKS, and WINK of the WEEK!

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