Tiff, Ria, Stuart and Brooke!

I am a dork and I don’t care

-photo story by Alison Leigh

We all have an inner dork within us. Do you shame it and beat it into submission so it never ever shows its face? Or do you let it out to get some sun and fresh air every so often? Are you sitting around in a dinosaur hat reading Star Trek manuals and making funny faces surrounded by clowns and Hello Kitty products? Well, perhaps you aren’t trying hard enough…

From Tiff:

“I’m freakishly obsessed with Hello Kitty and I don’t care! For the past 10 years she has been my BFF. She got me through all the bullshit in high 
school and the petty drama of ‘real life’. This might sound crazy but no matter how bad my mood is I just throw some hello kitty on and I can’t help but feel cute or happy. Sure I may be a mom and getting older but I’ll still shove an obnoxious hello kitty
hat on my head and walk it out. I will always be proud of my high school alias ‘the dork with all the cats’. Always embrace your dorkiness! It’s what makes you you. 🙂 “

Nice. Here are some words from Ria:

“Why do I embrace my dorkiness? Well, I didn’t, originally. I kept my hundreds of Star Trek books hidden from the other folks, and tried (and mostly failed) to stay ‘mainstream’ or ‘normal.’ I’m sure this happened to a lot of people, so I’m not going to say I’m some sort of special snowflake that is unique in my travels, but that was where I was. When I got out of high school, I met groups of nerds just like me. I could break out the old books. Do the dungeons and dragons thing. Actually have some sort of common ground with my fellow human beings that were just like me. When I got to the Lehigh Valley, I, luckily, was able to find the same kind of group. Dorks get the chicks, at least–the chicks worth getting. All we need to do is get in touch with ourselves and enjoy what we enjoy. That’s the only way to surround ourselves with people that are worth something.”

We think you’re pretty cool 🙂

Stuart, hangin’ with his pals, had this to say:

“My name is Stuart, I’m 25 years old, and I’m a dork. Never thought it would happen to me; thought I always had a grip on things. Turned 21, went out as much as any other my age, everything seemed fine. It never occurred to me that I had a problem, that I couldn’t stop it. I was functioning, I made good friends, met my beautiful girlfriend, had a good job. Then one day it hit me… My name is Stuart and I’m a dorkaholic…this is what I would say if I was attending my DA meetings regularly. In a place and time where everybody takes everything so seriously all of the time; this is me saying, I’m never growing up! Here’s some clowns and some sailors, now leave me be; I am a dork and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Here is Brooke. She’s cute as heck and here is how she feels about being dorky:

“I wouldn’t even say I have a dorky side. I would say I’m a downright dork. I laugh loud, snort a lot, I love to learn, and I am different than anyone else I know. I embrace this difference because I am not afraid of who I am and I am passionate about everything I do and love.”

Simple and to the point. We love you guys and thanks a million for sharing your stories!


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