WINK of the WEEK!

Send us a high quality awesome pic of yourself along with a few words about why you like the image you send us, and also what you like about WINK! We’ll pick a few and post them up weekly! Maybe we’ll ask you to be featured on the site! What?? Send them to us as a message on our facebook, or email at! EVERYONE is welcome to submit photos!

From Sara~

“I love this photo because on the day the shoot took place nothing was going right. It was SO hot that my make up melted off my face and my hair which took 2 hours flopped and went flat. I was so disappointed. But despite all of that this photo still turned out amazing. And I realized sometimes its not the look that matters but the attitude.

“I love wink because it depicts real women and promotes natural beauty and ability. It also discusses realistic and relatable topics while still keeping an upbeat feel and sense of humor.”

Gorgeous, girl!!

From Mary Elizabeth–

“Honestly, and it may sound trivial but, one reason I love this photo is because this was the week I FINALLY got my hair that perfect shade of white. I had been trying for almost a year to do it myself. Which in the end was a great thing cause I learned more techniques that go into hair coloring. Other than that, the simplicity of the black and white always pleases me. The chains came out well, especially against the black lips, which I LOVE – completely sexy [if I do say so myself].

“As for Wink. I love the fact that you’re local! It’s so nice to see local artists making their mark, and then making it known. Your photos are always fab, and always provide various ideas for new styles for us ladies to become familiar with! The pinups are always classy too, which is so wonderful, to accomplish that balance between ‘classy’ and ‘sexy.’ And you nail it!”

-Well thank you darlin’!!!


What I love about the picture would have to be the confidence that shines through it, and that is so awesome to me just because I’m not the most confident person and I dont have much self esteem. For me this picture just shows me that I am beautiful no matter what anyone says.  What I love about Wink is all of your work is sexy but still very classy. You try different things and have fun with the pinups. And I would love to be on the site!

-Thanks girl! We try to keep it classy and interesting!

From Bambi:

“I love Wink!  Finally, a place to express myself in my many moods. It’s so refreshing, and exciting, to be accepted here! Many thanks for your much needed, and loved, Wink Pinup!

Thanks lady! Very beautiful picture!

Here is Maureen:

“I love Wink simply for the fact that they accept each and every person for who they truely are, flaws and all. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and racial backgrounds. It knows no boundaries or limitations. I just wish the rest of society could view the world and beauty with the same openness, respect and
dignity that we all do.

Photo by Kitty Kat Kaileigh

I like this picture of myself because the shoot it’s from  helped me boost my self confidence and recognize the fact that I am beautiful, even with my quirks and flaws.  Actually, they are what make me unique, they make me beautiful.  There is no one in this entire world that can take my inner beauty away from me.”

Words of wisdom! Thanks girl!

Here’s Tiffany:

“This picture was taken last year. It was a time in my life when I started to view myself less as a chubby girl and more as a curvaceous pinup. I love that Wink features and celebrates all types of women. Your photos and magazine inspire me and remind me that size and shape do not matter, this pear shape is sexy!”

Photo by Diadra Sylva at the Silk Mills in Bethlehem

Oh my gosh THANKS Tiffany!! You words inspire us at WINK Pinup to keep on going!


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