Harley Kicks out the Jams!

Recently we asked Eskandalo! senior stylist Harley, what he’s been up do and this is what he had to say:

What are your passions when it comes to  doing hair?

I love the transformation a haircut or color can do for someone. I love seeing someone smile after I spin them towards the mirror and take the cape off. Man or woman or anything in between, you should always feel that way when you leave your stylist. I always try to help people push the envelope of what they feel will work for their hair. Some times it take a little convincing, but usually when someone cuts loose and allows me to revamp their entire style, the end result is that client walking out the door feeling like a new person, more confident and ready to tell everyone how good they feel. That’s a special feeling. It’s the feeling that gives me passion for what I do.

As an artist I love shape and texture. I get my biggest kicks from doing very sharp geometric hair cuts, or cutting very curly hair with a lot of texture. I feel like so many people sit down in my chair and describe their hair as a total challenge. I happily accept these people, because the more bad haircuts they have had, the more joy it gives them to find someone who can meet the challenge. However this doesn’t happen 100% of the time. With each mistake comes a new discovery. I have become very familiar with pride and humility, and each has helped me grow as a stylist and as a person. That too makes me passionate about hair.

Who are the people that inspire you?

I’ve been inspired in the hair industry by all kinds of people. Platform artists, artistic design teams, educators, employers and fellow stylists. Some names that stand out to me are Robert Cromeans, Takashi Kitamura, and Dj Muldoon. These guys are world famous stylists who are always thinking outside the box and are constantly breaking new grounds in hair fashion. But on a more local level I must give credit to my former employer, Stephen Flowers as well as my current employer, Alison Leigh. These are the people who have really inspired me in person. People who own awesome salons, manage awesome teams of people, and who have given me the opportunities to pursue my dreams. I draw my inspiration from sources outsides the hair industry as well. From artists to business people, fashion designers, musicians, authors, poets, philosophers etc. My older brother, Randy Detrick is also a huge inspiration to me. He owns a successful business, is a life coach, a motivational speaker, and an Olympic class skier. I consider myself very fortunate to have no shortage in inspirational figures in my life.

What are the current trends you are seeing right now in fashion?

Fashion to me is like a revolving door. Looks come and go and come back again. The only thing that seems to change is the extremity those fashions reach. Things get tighter and brighter, or looser and softer, and so on. I am not the kind of stylists who thumbs through pages of celebrity magazines to keep up with what Hollywood is doing. So when the client who wants Jennifer Aniston’s new hair style comes in, I usually have to do a quick image search with my iphone. I am like this because I feel like each one of us has our own unique qualities, and while there is nothing wrong with admiring a look that is popular right now, it’s important to remember that not every look is right for every person. As long as you are wearing a style that compliments you, I think you are as trendy as it gets. But to actually answer the question, right now in spring of 2012 I am seeing a lot of the ombre look of course, also pastel colors are huge. I personally am seeing a lot of pixie cuts coming in (which I love) or women who just want long flowing hair that is styled slightly deconstructed and messy without looking like a mess. To me it seems clothing is in its last phase of very tight form fitting styles. I see less leggings being worn as pants, more elongated slightly looser fitting top, and I predict big sweaters, big corduroys, and baggy pants are going to be back any time now.

What are your favorite styling products?

I consider myself lucky to work in a salon that uses Sebastian professional styling products. I prep most of my clients with Potion 9 light which works to condition and soften the hair, and is also a great cutting aid which benefits me. Anyone with curly hair, I hand a canister of Whipped Cream. It’s also a leave in conditioner that works to condition and moisturize curly hair which is especially prone to drying out and becoming frizzy. For men or women with pixie cuts I grab Craft Clay, or if their hair is on the finer side, a little Matte Putty usually does the job. And of course Sebastian Re-Shaper hair spray is the best.

Tell us about phoot.org

phoot.org is run by my girlfriend, Lavanya Patricella. She has 15 years of experience in photography. Her work has been mostly focused around nature and self portraits, as well as some editorial stuff done for various artists. I am very fortunate to live with someone who possesses such a talent. She now handles almost all of the photography for my portfolio, and we share an eye for style that allows me to trust completely in her ability to get the shot I am looking for. All of Lavanya’s work, past and present can be found on www.phoot.org

More of his work can be found at:



Model Mayhem #2533177

Call ESKANDALO! for an appointment! 610 625 9100

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