May Centerfold

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The lovely models- Cassandra, Danielle and Tiff! You all look gorgeous and evil and made perfect concubines/ groupies. You made something out of the crazy circumstances and kept your cool- in TRUE WINK Pinup model fashion!

Brittany- At the literal drop of a hat, she came to my house to help with hair and makeup for the centerfold shoot. She almost ended up being a model in this- total life saver and such a trooper!

Phee from Eskandalo!– she did an awesome job on Demon’s haircut and extensions. Check her out!

The Attic- for lending us these awesome clothes and accessories! We love The Attic!

Ostara- for letting us borrow a skull and walking stick!

Kizer for supplying me with styrofoam with which I carved out the small tombstones, and for making a wicked celtic cross. Danielle for making the main tombstone. Demon painted on and did all the lettering and design.

Alvin for digging us an actual hole for Demon to come out of– we could not have done it without him! And also for his errand running and general helping out!

Andy for the empty JD bottles- I made hot tea to simulate the booze. Looks believable doesn’t it??

Paul for leaving his insane art sculptures in my garage which we used for a prop in one of the photos

Lock up your daughters... *One of a kind Stiv Bators custom belt buckle by early Junker Clothing

Lock up your daughters…not even kidding! *One of a kind Stiv Bators custom belt buckle by early Junker Clothing

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