Editor’s Letter

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This month’s issue is unique in many ways. Firstly, we have a guy on the cover and in the centerfold. So there’s that. We have no CLAW feature this month either because our resident CLAW author Preston Peet fulfilled my request for an article dispelling the myths and judgments made by the general public on the synthetic drug Methadone, commonly used to treat heroin addicts of their addiction to opiates.

Then we did a story on the term “gaslighting” which unfortunately is an all-too-common form of abuse many people are dealing with every day of their lives. It’s a situation that strikes a chord in me personally because I have been in many relationships that end because of this exact problem. As I researched article after article after article, I became very dismayed at how they are all gender biased and claim it only happens to women. This is highly untrue and it bothers me that the Mighty Internet has very little info supporting this. I know one article stated their theory was that more women seek professional help when they decide they can’t take it anymore, whereas men tend to steer away from treatment. The only way to appear in any statistics is to actually go into some form of therapy.

I must admit, creating this month’s issue tried me in every element of my being. I feel strongly that it’s one of the best issues I’ve put out yet, I learned many lessons that will change my life, and I see the magazine growing and growing before my very eyes… The cover photo is a huge source of pride for me because I used knowledge and inspiration from a hairdresser I used to work on shoots with in LA. He became a photographer in his 30s and made me realize I too, could pursue a career in photography! The cool part is that the first shoot I did for him as a brand new photog was an outdoor shoot taken in broad daylight. He said he was going to make it look like it was nighttime and he did. Here is the original image used for the cover photo:

click to view the cover

I learnt me some photoshop!! Yeah I love the way it came out. And I hope you thoroughly enjoy the pages before you  ~Alison Leigh

“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar

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