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14 Responses to Ooops!!

  1. did you pull my artical off wink if so thats fucked up dee

    • winkpinup says:

      I was told it wasn’t good enough and didn’t want to start drama. If you want it posted I will post it but I don’t want to hear any shit about you hating it. If you want to read it first then let me know.

      • post it all that work for nothing alot of people called me pissed about that ,lets be civil and professional about this it was kinda funny you calling me fat. i do not hate you,now lets get this back up please my cousin bart in the wheelchair was heart broken he couldnt read it

  2. winkpinup says:

    Would LOVE to. Thanks. Tell your people to back off of me

    • got it the m family will obey ha ha in journalism you have to except the good and the bad and that is good to have mixed reveiws not everyone likes my tattoo work but it keeps me on point i respect your dedication to wink.andy called me all distressed about it i told him i would talk to you you still want your tattoos its on me for all the good and kind things you have don?????

  3. well are you gonna repost it????

  4. winkpinup says:

    It’s up!!! haha let me double check. I have to leave this silly page up since its the only way I am able to communicate with you- just go the site and click on it! It’s been back for like 10 minutes!

  5. got ya alvin and i have spent alot of quality time together lately we got close when we were fighting it hurt not only us but all those around us sorry mina

  6. im all alone if you want to talk von went to conneticate spell check

  7. down as in off or reposting

  8. just call me but block your number ok?????

  9. winkpinup says:

    Taking the oops page down. Your article is up.

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