ROCK SOLID- Wink’s Man of the Month!

Here at WINK Pinup, we like to showcase good dudes in the world. It’s always cool when we find a person that’s great- and when you’re a female, we tend to put you on the cover and centerfold and tell the world who you are. That leaves out the guys though and that’s not fair so instead, we do this– ROCK SOLID man of the month!


Andy here is an all around good dude. He’s cute, funny, nice, single πŸ˜‰ , plays in a band and has a good job designing, making and installing granite counter tops. He plays guitar for local punk band the Damn Dirty Apes and is a total rock star on stage. In person, he’s super laid back and funny, has a warped sense of humor, and likes to throw back a few beers.

Β “I am a super nice Guy πŸ™‚ I have lots of friends and know so many people from playing in the band..I simply enjoy meeting new people and can talk for hours with a total stranger..every person is coming from somewhere, myself included..I always try and surround myself with good people and you can’t be honest with anyone if you’re not honest with yourself”

He also has an adorable 8 year old daughter, Kelsey:

“I’ve spent most of my life following a path that was predetermined ..what I was supposed to do..the norm..that didn’t work out for me. Now I look at life differently, I face it head on with no expectations…I work, I play and write music, and try to raise the most beautiful little girl in the world, the best way I can..truly my best friend πŸ™‚ “

-Awww SHUCKS! What a sweetheart…

Until the other day, he had a full head of hair. Then his daughter kinda sorta cut it all off… oops.. but hey! He totally rolled with it! A true punk rock dad…. Also he is a proud collector of tattoos from this month’s featured tattoo artist, Demon— in fact he’s been getting tattoos from him since he was a kid and all the work still looks great!

So yeah- dudes keep up the good work! We love ya and need every awesome guy to be rewarded for getting up every day and trying to best the person they can, while still having a rockin fun time and still being himself. KUDOS!

Catch the Damn Dirty Apes Saturday the 5th at Jimmy’s Place in Allentown! Event listing here!

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