STUFF we like! The Ramones and The Bethlehem Skateplaza

Upon the hours and days and weeks we spend online and out in the world, we discover some pretty interesting things. Like Magellan and de Leon, here we bring you the riches we have since discovered, pillaged, stole, borrowed and paid for.. Let us begin–


This is a photo of their first bio to be sent out to labels. This was brought to our attention by the guy who makes CULTURESCHMUTZ. We feel it needs no explanation…. Oh and click the link to see the 5th installment of CULTRESCHMUTZ!


A short documentary on Homebase Skateshop‘s incredible endeavor of raising funds to complete the next phase of the Skateplaza! Andy Po is a force of nature and we could NOT be more proud and thankful he is here doing what he does. He’s a superstar….

Just today, May 3rd, this doc was featured on Thrasher’s site as well as quite a few others! Congrats guys!! Keep it up!

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