CLAW- An American Nightmare, Pt. 1

Claw is Wink’s erotica section …Here you will find mature content with a dark side… Enter at your own risk! over 18 please

An American Nightmare

Part One~ The Loveless

by Black Cat

   “Fuck you, Dad!” the teenage boy named Dustin screamed, as his father steps back realizing in shock his son has finally had enough. Dustin turns in a rage and grabs the essentials off the dresser in his room. (Car keys, wallet, cigarettes.) He claws his iPod along with a picture of his now-deceased mother, and a duffel bag. He pushes back his father on the way out and slams the door one last time.

   Once in his car, The Misfits blast out of the stereo as he peels out of the driveway, flipping off his dad who is looking through the window. Dustin is pissed. He’s pulling on his cigarette hard, and drives in a fit of hysteria to his girlfriend Chelsea’s house. He tells her he’s taking off, and she grabs her shit. She kisses her mom who’s passed out drunk on the sofa, as Divorce Court blares on the TV. She knows she needs to go.

   On the road, they drive heading west. There’s one place they know they can escape their realities, and disappear without a trace — Hollywood! Coming from upstate New York, they’ve got a ways to go.

   Dustin had pretty tough life, sexually confused due to molestation as a child, he’s really not sure of the difference between right and wrong. He’s too pissed off to think about it, but sex is something he can’t get enough of. His girlfriend really likes him; as far as she’s concerned, she’s just lucky.

   All teens are angst-ridden, but these two seem to have no control over it. They’re just two fucked-up kids who don’t care about anyone — not even each other. If someone better came along, neither one would hesitate.

   “We’re free, babe,” he says to her and smiles. “We’re going to Hollywood. Fuck this stupid town, man. I’m gonna be a rock star!”

   “Can I be your groupie?” she says, grabbing his thigh. ‘She’ by the Misfits is blasting out of the stereo.
“You can be one of them,” he says wickedly, and kisses her quick without taking his eyes off the road. She starts kissing his neck as he drives, moving her hand onto his crotch. She starts getting him all worked up, and undoes his belt and zipper. She bends her head towards his lap, pulls his dick out and starts sucking his cock. He’s moaning looking down at her, and then back at the road, then back at her. He’s thinking about pulling over and banging the shit out of her on the side of the freeway.

   They pull off the road into a dark rest stop. Only a few truckers are parked since it’s almost midnight at this point. By now, they’re somewhere in the south, they figure.
He turns off the headlights and puts it in park. “Get in the back.” She hops over the seat and lays on her back. He comes over right after her and looks at her with discontent. He crazily says, “I don’t think so,” grabs her arm and turns her over. He lifts her skirt from behind, and pulls down her underwear and fucks her vigorously. In his mind, he flashes to a scene from one of his night terrors he frequently has.

   He and Chelsea pull over frantically for sex. In his mind, a remnant of one of his full night terrors invades his consciousness. A flash of an axe falling on a beautiful girl dressed in red. Her head splits.

   Back to reality, Chelsea’s face is being slammed into the inside of the car. Another flash — this time the axe victim is a little baby. Dustin’s face looks horrified. The flash leads to him driving away fast. A sign on the side of the road reads 666.

   The images freak him out, and then piss him off. He does not like to be scared. He clenches his teeth, rams into her, and then has a very intense orgasm. He looks as if he doesn’t even remember she’s still there. He wipes the sweat off his face, as he starts to calm down. He still looks pissed off, and scared at the same time. He gets back in the driver’s seat, and turns on the headlights, flips it in drive and screams out of there. Chelsea is back in the front seat, smoking a cigarette. She seems fine; that kind of sex makes her feel hardcore.

    “Let’s get some alcohol,” she says. Dustin’s mind is temporarily sedate, but definitely disturbed.
“Good idea,” he says. They go to the next exit and look for a liquor store.
Since neither of them is twenty-one, they need to work together in order to get some. They pull into the parking lot of the gas station/liquor store. He starts filling up the tank, gives her two twenties, and she goes in to pay.

The guy inside is luckily kind of young, a regular twenty-something redneck. She walks up to the counter. “He’s filling it up. So when he’s done, I’ll pay.”

The clerk looks outside and sees him standing by his Nova. It’ll take a few minutes to fill. She’s walking around checking out stuff. She sees her chance to grab a bottle of JD. All she has to do is get him distracted enough to grab it. She approaches the counter seductively.

“So it must get pretty boring hanging out here all night.”
“Yeah, it sucks.”
“Oh, me and my friend out there are going West.”
“Wow, I wish I could get out of here.”

‘This should be easy,’ she thought. She moves in closer and unzips her hoodie a bit more, to expose her bra. She keeps moving closer.

“Oh, really? I don’t really care too much for what’s-his-face out there. What do you say, we take him out and you can drive me to LA?” He looks very uneasy and nervous. He notices the gas total — $28.

“And a pack of Marlboros, too.” She pulls the 20s out of her bra and throws them on the counter still getting closer to him. He gets her a few bucks in change and as he goes to give it to her, she takes his hand with the money and leads it to her bra, so he can put it where it goes. She holds his hands on her breast and licks his lips and nose with a flick of her tongue. Dustin is waiting, looking to see what the holdup is. He sees the clerk and Chelsea, leaning toward each other over the counter. Being the crazed jealous freak he is, he starts running toward the door. He bursts through. “What the fuck is this?!”

Chelsea all of a sudden acts violated and upset, and Dustin grabs the guy’s shirt and fully headbutts him from across the counter. Chelsea grabs two bottles of Jack and some Doritos and bolts.

“You fucking prick!” Dustin screams at the him, whose nose is bleeding profusely. They both get in the car and peel out of the parking lot.

“Can you believe that guy? He said if I let him touch my tits, he would have given us free gas!”

Dustin’s pissed. “Yeah, whatever. Gimme a swig.” She passes him the bottle. He gulps it for a few seconds, closes the bottle, and smokes a cigarette. It’s gonna be a long night…


to be continued…

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