By Richard Slouch

Cultureschmutz started pretty much like the Simpsons did, with a Christmas special. Sent out to friends as a non-exchangeable gift, I found out that conjuring a (hopefully) flowing video playlist influenced in equal parts by Sesame Street, Night Flight, WFMU and the Portmanteau Book was quite therapeutic. 15 editions later, the pride of re-arranging context and the occasional posting of clips that are just really hard to watch for whatever reason became a mission. I always fancied the idea of pop-culture gatekeepers due to the otherwise tolerable internet became my reason to shout bama-lama

Which brings us to HaloweenODing, another holiday collection to indulge the evil before Christmas takes a boney hold (with me as well, coming December 6th). There’s a little nostalgic swing for all you PANJas out there, you internationalists know how we all are the northeast, with our media-dominating selves. You will see a few PG-rated horror movies from the 70’s. You will see things that were never brought into this country. You will see some of the standard-bearers that will always be aligned with Halloween. Trust me, you will see things. I’m seeing things now. Watch

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