October Editor’s Letter

Hello. It is October! A time for playing with fire and pushing the envelope for what you feel is acceptable. Here at WINK, we decided to go heathen this month. We have a female Pan on the cover, an interview with the guy who runs the Working Class Atheists page on facebook, a super steamy punk rock psycho-sexual thriller story, and a whole bunch of other non- frightening things, just to balance it out. Pretty into it…

I did a witch pinup shoot recently. Wanna see?

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Want to do a Halloween themed pinup shoot?? Send an email to winkpinup@gmail.com and let’s make it happen! The rates are affordable!

So I lost my iPhone recently… wanted to share by saying that on a normal day, I used to spend HOURS with that soul-sucking THING in my hand. I made fun of people for having “pens”. I made fun of people for not having spotify. I made fun of people for not knowing what shazam is or for not knowing how to tag people in photos on facebook from their phones. I was one of those people who was on my phone at every red light and would send full blown emails while driving down the highway. Basically, I was an asshole.

One day, I agreed to day drink with a couple of friends. We all had the day off and so we hung out and laughed and talked and drank booze and had a super fun time. By the end of the night I was being weird to an ex-friend on facebook, typing nasty things at them while laughing to my present company. (Don’t worry, it was deserved– believe me!) We all passed out in the living room and when I woke up in the middle of the night, I realized my phone was gone.

strangest image ever

Fast forward, I bought a $15 flip phone on craigslist. I can now send and receive text messages and phone calls. That is it. I no longer stay up all night watching netflix on my phone, or check emails at 3 am or instagram EVERY SINGLE THING I DO. I get to enjoy nature excursions and long drives and no longer feel the intense urge to check all 19 of my email accounts all day long simply because I am bored. Sure, I have to look up directions online and copy them down on paper with the dreaded pen, and I can’t plug in pandora or spotify to my car stereo anymore (CDs??? Are you kidding me??? Yup. I listen to them now).

I no longer send 10,000 texts a day. I receive facebook notifications all at once instead of millions of mindless “so-and-so liked your whatever” and some douche invited you to some stupid event or what have you. I am feeling a lot less A.D.D. and I actually get to enjoy the things I do without constantly being bombarded by that attention whore of a device. I’m learning to appreciate the simple things in life and to train myself to live without knowing the name of some random actor I can’t think of or find out what my friend’s new crush looks like RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. It can wait! Seriously!!! It can!
Originally I was going to make this an article on its own but I decided to make it my editor’s letter. Perhaps you read this. Maybe you will cut yourself free from this insane trap we have so exuberantly thrown ourselves into and retreat to the peace and quiet NOT having a smart phone lends you. I recommend it. Its good for your brain!

Anyhoo, enjoy fall and this issue and I hope you make a cool costume this year and make the best of what you have! Life is good if you let it be!


Alison Leigh

p.s. to read CLAW, * Email clawxoxo@gmail.com for password!

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